Hi all,

I was annoyed by the fact that the standard debian package of the APM planner 2 does not install nicely on Ubuntu 14.04 because of the upgraded openscenegraph99 libraries (which mess up dependencies).

As such I changed the control file on the debian package, repackaged it and giving some softlinking the package should installs nicely without any problems.

Awaiting an update of the APM planner deb file on the main site you can download my file (at your own discretion) and read the installation instructions here:


I hope it helps someone.



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Hi Koen,

Nice post. Do you happen to have the 32-bit version? I've got the links fixed, but am not comfortable with tweaking the source code myself yet.

Thanks, and hope the APM team will fix this ASAP.

Hi Edwin,

I don't have any 32-bit systems anymore, so I can't help you out with this.

In general what you do is download the original .deb file, unzip it, change the control file (replace openscenegraph80 by openscenegraph99) and run:

dpkg-deb --build apm_planner2_latest_ubuntu32/

This will build a package which will not mess up your dependencies. The soft links are necessary because internal references to the openscenegraph80 libraries (which are hard coded in). The dirty fix only makes sure the deb install passes without triggering alerts on part of your package manager.

Hope this helps,


Hi Koen,

Thanks a lot. Actually, I also found a new info. It seems that there has been progress on this issue:


Bottom line: there's a daily update (?) for the .deb package that can be found here:


I tried it just a few minutes ago, and it works.

Thanks for the hard work all the same, though!


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