Hello, friends!

I have a question about the ability to use APM Planner coupled with ArduStation for antenna tracking. Actually i want to try the new 3DR radios instead of XBEEs.

I tried different settings in "Antenna Tracker" options section in the APM Planner but nothing happens when i connect to ArduStation.

My ardustation has "Ardustation2_APM_ACM_2.0.13" firmware onboard.

APM Planner version 1.1.75 mav 0.9.

Any ideas?



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and if you have any ideas why Chris is experiencing RESET ?

Alex, I have no idea why the ArduStation resets


Joachim, can you tell me clearly link cable please ?

For I am not very good;-)

Should make a tutorial to explain the procedure.

Thank you,



i would like to help you, but my english is sooooo bad.

Maybe there are any user who could it explain to you.

I will watch the forum , and if nothing happen, i will try it to draw.



Do you know if there have been any hardware changes?

Many people have reported they can swap the TX and RX lines on the FTDI cable and get it to work with MP. so it seems a bit strange.

Looking at the Schematic the DTR line is hooked up to the reset line on the Mega8, when i remove the DTR line from the connector the Ardustation doesnt reset when trying to connect with MP. But i can still not connect Hmmm.

Also, what is the U$2 jumper for? seems to be connected to the DIO3 port of the XBee and will pull the reset line low. there is no jumper on this at the moment mind you i dont think this has anything to do with it

Ok so here goes

Changed all modems to 38400 baud, changed SERIAL3_BAUD to 38, changed the baud to 38400 in ardustation2.pde file

Mission Planner to APM is all good with USB and by normal Xbee connections

Ardustation to APM - All Good although most numbers look wrong (but i havent confirmed)

Mission planner connecting via Ardustation still has same issue

Normal FDTI config - No connection ardustation resets

TX and RX lines reversed - Something is happening but ardustation resets

TX and RX reversed and green disconnected - Something is happening but no reset.

By something happening i mean the connect prompt looks like its about to connect but then hangs

Alex CCCP, Can you make a diagram for the connections between the 3DR modules and ardustation ?

well, it should be smth. like this if you have 3DR air module on the ground too:

And it should be like this if you have USB 3DR ground module and you wish to use the station for antenna tracking only(when module plugged into usb and used by GCS):

p.s. I know i'm not a good paintist :)

Chris  - have you had any luck with this...? I've got exactly the same problem, and when I downgrade to 2.0.13 or 2.0.14 for that matter Mavlink 1.0 is lost and the Ardu can't commmunicate with the APM anyway because it is sitting at mavlink 1.0

I'm just wondering how you are configuring MP to see if I'm using same settings, i.e the setting in Configuration for "Antenna tracker" has ardutracker there, which I choose and choose the port and sped, you choose connect but nothing happens - except then on the flight data page you can't click on connect (which when connected to the APM via xbee or USB that is how I get data coming in live.)

If I choose disconnect from the antenna config page, I can press connect on the Flight Data page, but same as you it says getting params...freezes for a long time, and eventually gives an error, but I notice the orientation and GPS drift have moved my plane icon on the screen.  So I know for a fact it is getting some parameters, or at least a slice of them...

I'm guessing in essence it is because the Ardustation is using a 328 which only has one Serial port.  The only way around that on current hardware would be use software serial port switching - but that will reduce the speed...and I don't know the code to do it yet.

Best alternative for any of us that actually want to use the Ardustation for what it is designed (antenna tracking that is...) and plugging directly into MP - really will be to use an ATMEGA256 such as in the proposed ArdustationMega...

Another thing - I always fnd that if I go to flash my ardustation I can't do so with the xbee installed - you have to uninstall that, flash with FTDI, unplug power, plug in xbee, then turn it on, etc...Otherwise each time you use arduino.cc to flash it resets - presumably the bootloader "Programming" mode that arduino is trying to ut the At328 into, but somehow ardustation loads its oiginal code....kind of like trying to sit there samming the F8 on a keyboard to boot up in safe mode but having a PC that is too damned quick!


Been waiting till someone posted this. Glad to know just where to connect to the USB 3DR, one small change.

I use my xbee right now for both to computer with USB, I have some wires connected to go to the tracker. I connect to the RX and ground at the IP1 pins 1 and 4. This way it's easy to disconnect. This set of pins is the FTDI port

Great work.

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