Hello, friends!

I have a question about the ability to use APM Planner coupled with ArduStation for antenna tracking. Actually i want to try the new 3DR radios instead of XBEEs.

I tried different settings in "Antenna Tracker" options section in the APM Planner but nothing happens when i connect to ArduStation.

My ardustation has "Ardustation2_APM_ACM_2.0.13" firmware onboard.

APM Planner version 1.1.75 mav 0.9.

Any ideas?



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Just wondering my the line you have joined up from the ardustation to the 3dr has 3.3 printed on it. The 3dr as you show in your pic says 5v. Does it matter ?

Thanks, just finished soldering. Luckily i had a ftdi to apm cable and its a beaut. As soon as it powered up the 3dr radio led went green and it found the copter.

Sorry for the delayed post. 

I'm trying to use a 3DR radio instead of XBEE on the new Ardustation 2, but I thought it connected up 1:1 to the 6-pin header above B2.  But you're connecting it somewhere else? 

The Ardustation 2 says " Starting XBEE", do I need to reconfigure something? 

The 900 MHz radios work. 

What am I missing. and what can I read?

Alan  KM6VV

Anyone active on this thread?

I wired my 3DR radio as mentioned to the ardustation, but it doesn't connect to my APM 2.

Alan KM6VV

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