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@Drew Why the lat long of the LAND waypoint are zeros?

Can't the be just a another waypoint on the runway with realistic lat long?


Insha Allah will try this today if possible, and post up the results, last attempt, I had to override as it ballooned at the land waypoint, will check the setting insha Allah.
We have tried beyond visual range and for distance and time in the air too, now would like to try AUTOLAND and then perhaps auto takeoff insha Allah.
Thank you for all the info here.
Any one else with successful auto take offs and landings? Would really like to see what the experts are doing :-)

I'm no expert, but today I flew a 1.5 mile mission full auto, from takeoff to landing.  I never touched the RC.  For landing I set  waypoints to make a base and final leg.  I placed a waypoint on the obstacle at the end of the field I am using with an altitude high enough to land.  I then set another waypoint 30m downfield at 2 meters, and 20m past that the landing waypoint. The landing waypoint had an altitude of 1m.  It flew in leveled at 2 meters and then powered up to meet the set cruise speed to make the final waypoint before the landing way point, as it crossed the landing waypoint it reduced the throttle to idle and ballooned to maybe 3 meters and then floated to a landing about 30m past the landing waypoint.  I hope all that made sense. 

That power up to meet cruise speed seems to be my problem.  Moving the last waypoint closer to the prior one should help solve the power up problem, and thus reduce the balloon. 

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