In X-Plane's "Data Input & Output" dialog, item 127 "Camera Location" allows the position and angle of the view to controlled. Would it be possible, with the new camera tracking Arduplane and Arducopter code, to use APM Planner to control the view in X-Plane via the commanded outputs of the pan and tilt servos? If this could be done it would transform the simulator into a pretty capable training device.



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That sounds highly plausible. You going to do it? ;p

I'm working on it. I haven't dug into the planner code much yet, and I don't want to duplicate another effort. I have recently solicited proposals from Simulat and MetaVR for a college UAS training program, and this would be a very competitive option for basic UAS training.

can you give me an example of the intened use/output.


from what i can tell.

map say channel 6 pwm to a 45 to -45 degree output, or similar.

Yeah, just map one of the channels to send view angles to Xplane. Maybe ch6 for tilt and ch7 for pan. I've read through the Xplane documentation, and it seems it would be similar to sending pitch angles, etc. I'd like to learn how you implemented this in Planner. I assume as the camera tracking algorithm gets more advanced this will become a more sought after feature for simulation.

Would probably need to position the camera underneath the aircraft as well.

Which college is it for?  I made a very similar solicitation to Battle Space Simulations and MetaVR. 

Hi! I have a similar problem. I have a sperimental UAV with a gimbal camera mounted below. I want to make a Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation with X-Plane 9 of the camera movements. I did an Arduino code for ArduPilotMega where I calculate dynamically the correct Pan and Tilt angles of my gimbal, for example to frame a specific ground target, so I want to see in X-Plane the dynamic view of the camera while the uav flies. I saw that in X-Plane there are data inputs/outputs of camera location so I want to know if it's possible to control the view. I downloaded also the Virtual Camera plugin for X-Plane 9 where i can put the coordinates of the camera and the pan and tilt initial angles. Did you solve your problem and is there any possibility to reach my purpose? Have I to set the APM Planner or other programs and how can I do this?
Thank you very much!

the only issue is how does one convert the rcout pwm to an angle?

I already have the Pan and Tilt angles as output of my control, but I don't know how can I interface Arduino with the X-Plane view. Maybe I can do it with APM Planner, but I don't know very well how.

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