Hi all,

I'm trying to cut down on cables and move to a single cable ppm input on the APM 2.5.

I have the input coming into input 1 and a jumper on between the singles on pin 2 and 3.

I have the output coming out of the openlrsng receiver on pin 6 (channel 5) and set this up as PPM using the configuration.

Where am I going wrong?

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Hi Ben...your's code support 2  100mw TX/Rx??? I have 2 100MW Orange rx..one rx i use has tx...


Hi Luis,

The goal is to use two 1W TX to make a long range bidirectionnal link. I've in the meanwhile also supported a 1W TX + 100mW RX configuration, but of course the range will be limited.

For now a 2 x 100mW RX/TX is not supported, but if several people team up with a good reason to need it, I can do it :)

Hi Ben,

Thank you for creating the custom firmware.
I will try it out tomorrow and report back.


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