APM seems to reduce drastically my RC range using openlrs

Hi everybody,

I figured out that i get a very poor range while using openlrs (hawkeye Tx/Rx) with APM (mini arduflyer from rctimer). Indeed, I get a very good range while testing in the city (maybe 700m with a lot of batiments), but when I try again with APM, I get beeps at less than 1 meter, and I can't even go outside to walk around without any almost continous "beeps". 

Did somebody already experience this? Do you know what could be the exact source and how to get rid of?

APM "mini arduflyer" from rctimer

GPS NEO-6M with compass from rctimer

Power module for APM from rctimer

bluetooth module connected to APM to connect to APM planner

Any help would be appreciated!



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Nobody has an idea or met the same experience?

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