So Im ready to run a full hardware in the loop simulation to test my APM, however the APM manual only talks about how to set up a simulation in X-Plane 9, but the planner Dose support Flightgear?

Can anyone help me set up my APM for a flight gear simulation and dose it work the same way X-plane 9 dose?


I would just get X-plane 9...But my laptop only has a 1.6Gz processor and you need like a 1.9 or 2.0Gz for X-planes to even run... =[


Thank you for any help you can give me!



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Yes sir, I just did it again, all exactly like the manual and you just said...

I can change the modes but I cant save them?


And yes I can see all my stick PMW's, and my toggle switch PMWs

How do you know they're not being saved? The MP isn't supposed to give you a confirmation dialog.


Can you please post a screenshot of the problem? I'm not following.

Oh I was waiting for a confimation... Either way, I still dont have "APM Mode" control in sim... its all manual flight


How do you know? Are you watching the mode display in the Mission Planner when you're in the Sim? Have you checked the logs?


Without some data, screen shots or video, I really don't know how to evaluate this. 



I will make a video for u, but it may take an hour to get it downloaded

Alright Chris heres the video, thanks for helping btw! =D



The key thing I was hoping in the video was you showing the Flight Data screen (below) during flight, which would show what mode you're in.  Also, you didn't show the green highlight moving to different modes on the mode assignment screen, so I don't know that's working properly, either. Can you show those two things?


Finally, use the RC aircraft (the P60) in Xplane as recommended; I have no idea if the V tail one you're using is properly set up. 


Il go do it now, sorry it wasnt in the first one, I dont wanta bother you, so I really aprrishiate your time!

I couldnt find the plane u were talking about but this is more of the normal set up, no V tails haha I tryed the RC plane and it was terrible... haha this was much more controlable

check all your ip settings, in xplane and the planner, and disable your firewall temporarly to test.

is the gps led on the apm blinking on and off at all? and you do have the hil firmware loaded

ok watched you first video.

data is getting to xplanes... thats why the transmitter works. however when you click simlink start/stop the lat long alt should fill out. so you stilll have a xplanes setup issue/ip issue. check you have the ports set as per the wiki.

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