So Im ready to run a full hardware in the loop simulation to test my APM, however the APM manual only talks about how to set up a simulation in X-Plane 9, but the planner Dose support Flightgear?

Can anyone help me set up my APM for a flight gear simulation and dose it work the same way X-plane 9 dose?


I would just get X-plane 9...But my laptop only has a 1.6Gz processor and you need like a 1.9 or 2.0Gz for X-planes to even run... =[


Thank you for any help you can give me!



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Yes, you'll note that the Mission Planner supports Flight Gear along with X-Plane. We've got a tutorial here, but I have to warn you that I've never got it to work myself and we don't support it (so I can't help you).


BTW, if you think X-plane brings your PC to its knees, you're going to be in for a real shock with FlightGear. It's even more demanding.

Darn that sucks... I thought it was a simpler simulator =/

I guess I'l just have to try and talk my friend into letting me use his computer... =/


Thanks chris for the quick responce!

So can the xplane demo be used to apm simulation?
Yes. It runs for 10min before locking out plane control but I still find APM can control the plane.
Do you know if its a one time 10min demo, or every time u open it u get 10mins?
Every time you start the sim it runs for 10mins.

Alright I have the X-Flight demo all pluged in and my transmiter works and stuff, but for some reason... The X-flight wont obey my "APM modes"? The trottle works, the throttle cut off works, but no matter what mode or postion my APM switch is in on my transmiter is compeletly ignored??? 

Have you set up your radio and assigned modes to the switch in the Mission Planner as instructed? 

I set them up, but when I hit save, it wont save? I click save and nothing happens


What version of the MP are you using?

If your asking me what version of APM im using its the newest one, with the X-Flight Simulation Plane pic. and the Ardu-heli pic.?


I up-dated everything b4 I tryed working with the simulator

So you've got a Lipo/ESC plugged into the APM RC pins to power the radio and you've connected via MAVLink. You gone to the radio configuration screen, clicked on calibrate, and with your RC stick pushed the red lines to the extremes for all the channels, including the toggle. Then you clicked save and nothing happens? No box with the PWM values pops up?


Please confirm that you've done all of the above. 

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