So Im ready to run a full hardware in the loop simulation to test my APM, however the APM manual only talks about how to set up a simulation in X-Plane 9, but the planner Dose support Flightgear?

Can anyone help me set up my APM for a flight gear simulation and dose it work the same way X-plane 9 dose?


I would just get X-plane 9...But my laptop only has a 1.6Gz processor and you need like a 1.9 or 2.0Gz for X-planes to even run... =[


Thank you for any help you can give me!



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When I connect the apm, do i choose UDP? if so what port do I choose?

no do what you where already doing, but check the settings in xplanes. asuming you havent fidled with he advanced ip options, in the planner

I did and now the stab and FBW mode works!! =D

Loiter and RTL dosent work?

RTL just lowers plane to a low altitude?

Hi I want to perform some HIL but I am still wondering how you people bring this green airplane icon on the firmware tab. I have download the the APM planner software version 1.1.56 but I cannot see any green icon for x-plane simualtor. How is it appears on the firmware? thanks.

It's circled in red:

ohhh, thanks chris

Hi chaps, 

Found this thread whilst searching for Flightgear and Ardupilot! - Looks like from reading this that Flightgear point blank just doesn't work. I can't even find any info on anyone who has got it to work! 

Well, after 2 evenings, I think i have got it to interface with the Mission planner v2.33, Flightgear Version 2.6. Managed to get the plane to follow waypoints, take off, and loiter etc. But then i started fiddling with the params, and I think I have ruined everything, as the plane takes off, rolls left and goes inverted and crashes!

Time for Xplane! 

One more question, does HIL mean that the servos in the plane should move? as mine dont! I have ensured the jumper is on, and i'm powering the APM 2 from the output rail, 


where are you guys having issue with flightgear?
im using flightgear 2.4, and the start flightgear button in the planner.

I am using flight gear 2.6, would that make a difference? The start button in the planner doesn't do anything (flightgear installed in a different location, program files, as opposed to program files (x86).

however it was working, Could it be because i am using a PCM reciever?

Is there a params file for flightgear? 

I would like to use flightgear if at all possible,


Hi. I am using APM planner 1.1.75 mav 0.9 and Flightgear 2.4.0. I have the APM 1. I have installed the firmware for the HIL  sim PLANE (i first selected the QUAD by accident) on the APM1.


I selected ArduPlane in the serial link area in the upper right part of the screen and connected. This looks like it works OK. The orange leds on the IMU shield flashes. One LED flashed all the time fast, the other LED flashes not so often (once per second approx). When I click Start FG plane, Flightgear launches after a while. FG works OK with good framerate on this machine.  When I click Sim Link Start/stop the red LED comes on. This I assume indicates that APM planner and the APM1 talks with each other. I can now see the location of the plane in the APM planner on the runway. The plane looks like a cessna. The bearings also look like is shown OK.I have no RC radio receiver or ESC connected to the APM1. It seems to power fine via USB.


How do I get this thing in the air with the APM?

When I select the MANUAL button in the Actions tab in the flight data window in the APM planner , it sets full throttle and acts crazy.

When I push AUTO button button in the Actions tab under the flight data window in the APM planner it sets throttle to only around 1000 rpm and then the plane falls and also acts crazy.

(When I click the heli button in the Simulation tab the throttle goes way up and it seems to try to control the plane. )

What is going on? Any hints?

I had trouble with this, and I simply had some servos set in the wrong direction. I also learnt that if the plane flies fine in manual mode, the servos could still be the wrong direction in Auto mode, All i did was reverse the Pitch and Roll Radio buttons in the simulation Tab, and hey presto, it works! 

Hi Richard and company!

I am not sure if this matters but a few clarifying points:

-I have no radio receiver connected via the APM connectors (do I need to just for this initial HIL test?)

-I have no joystick connected to the PC at the moment(do I need to just for this initial HIL test?)

-The APM1 is powered via USB. There is no ESC / BESC connected.

-There is no mag compass connected to the APM1.

-The serial comms seems to be OK

- I have checked the APM1 in normal mode via the APM ission planner and yaw, roll, pitch is indicated OK. The APM1 seems to be in good shape (it is fresh out of the box and soldered together).

-The throttle doesn't seem to work at all in Auto. It is above zero, but it is only set to 1000 rpm approx. This is not enough to get airborne obviously.

Strange: when I Click the helicopter button in the APM planner - then suddenly the throttle increases and it seems to fly (but it acts strange).

-I am sure I clicked on HIL SIMULATION **PLANE ** when I uploaded firmware to the APM1. I was certian that I clicked the PLANE since it seem a bit confusing (there is an undeline under PLANE, QUAD and HELI that gives the impression that there is the same firmware uploaded nomatter where on the line you click. I dont think that seems to be the case!)

Question: Is there a way to check what HIL version (PLANE, QUAD or HELI) I have uploaded to the APM1? I suspect that the QUAD or HELI code somehow has been uploaded even if I clicked PLANE.

Can you send me a screenshot of your settings? What version of FG do you use? Version of APM planner?

Is there a settings file stored somewhere that I can compare?

Is the Mavlink.xml file that is coped to the FG data folder in use when FG is started via APM planner? I took the file I found a link to in the wiki http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/FlightGear

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