What are the advantages and disadvantages or each?


The PX4 looks like the very old days when APM had many boards and no case. Just looking at the advertisement I have no idea why I would want to trade in my APM 2.5+ for a PX4?




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Hi probably not the right place to put this,ive got my PX4 uploaded,it does the com change from 8 to 9 but wont load the mision planner says no heart beats,can some one please help me,Thank's,Marty

I'm not sure what they were thinking splitting things amongst multiple boards.

Maybe someone can comment on that, but to me it doesn't seem like a very smart way to do things.  It seems to be kind of a holdover to the pans and shields day of generic multi purpose hardware.

OP was ported to a $10  STM32F3 Discovery board, so if we have to deal with pans and shields maybe something like that would work just as well.  I'm guessing someone will do something like this once there's some good STM32 code to be ported.

Hello everyone,

I still have problems with PX4 board.

1. I can not calibrate acc level with MissionPlaner. It only success via CLI.

2. I have enabled IMU logs but can not download any logs from the board. It tells me Error opening com port.

Does anyone have success with it?

For all interested in flashing Firmware conveniently, there is a new tool called QUpgrade in the Downloads Area. It allows to flash the PX4 default or APM Plane / Copter / Rover Firmware on Windows, Mac OS and Linux with a graphical user interface in a single click. In particular for APM @ PX4 early adopters it may be interesting, since new builds can be flashed with a single click by browsing the Firmware page.

Flew with PX4 flashed with Arduplane. Stabilized and FBW-A mode works fine. Will try waypoint navigation next week. So far looks good. Great work

Hi,i have 2 questions,the first it is o/k to use the usb cable with the PX4 to set parameters,and secondly ive got the PX4 flying well in stabilized mode,but its terrible in loitter any suggestions please ,your's,Marty.

Hi Martin,

Works fine to use USB cable to set parameters.

What are symptoms of bad Loiter?

Do you have Vibration Damping?

I actually have my F330 / PX4 flying very nicely in stabilize as of today.

I had motors 3 and 4 reversed which resulted in a lovely takeoff back flip.

I checked by holding the copter at low throttle and testing for it working against your tilting it and it worked in two directions but did the opposite in the other 2 immediately indicating 2 motor servo connections reversed.

I have really good cheap GemFan carbon props and did it on grass anyway so no harm done.

Possibly better to check first next time though.

By the way the little pre arm button with the green LED that comes with the PX4 system is a real asset.

I was doing some handheld motion testing as above when my undercharged transmitter gave out and it was running at medium throttle at the time.

Pressing the pre-arm button for 3 seconds shut it down.

It would have been a genuine problem if that hadn't been there.

I really like the pre arm button as an extra safety step required before take off too.

There is no mistaking it.

If the green LED is blinking continuously and evenly it is not pre armed and cannot be armed with the throttle.

If it is blinking twice with a longer pause between each pair it is pre-armed and can be armed with the throttle.

Hi Gary,ive turned the vib dampening up to 98,ive ordered new prop adaptoror's and bearings,is it best to mount it on moon gel,your's,Marty.

Hi Martin, I dont know about that 98 value.

Moon gel or my favorite Kyosho Zeal Gel will work fine.

Use a 1/2" to 3/4' square pad at each corner and hold the board down with a lightly tensioned rubber bad or Velcro strap loosely fastened with light foam between it and the flight controller.

Try Alt hold mode before trying loiter. if it won't hold altitude properly the problem is probably vibration.

If you have SONAR turn it off in Mission Planner, it can work very nicely, but it is its own source of a whole batch of problems.


If you are judging an autopilot by how pretty it looks or put off by being able to see the circuit board, perhaps take up knitting instead...

All jokes aside...

A simple comparison and understanding of specs will give you a pretty good indication that PX4 hardware is far more superior, however I would reserve final judgement on what firmware is loaded onto the autopilot and how well it is taking advantage of the available hardware architecture,

If your requirements or interests don't exceed APM then I would say stick with that,  for now :)

APM is out of eeprom

APM is out of ram

APM is out of cpu cycles

APM is not even on their new flagship "IRIS"

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