Installed Attopilot 90a on my apm2.0 voltages seem fine but current is way off, idle amp wooping 132A static with only battery connected, not sure why it doing that anyone have a clue why?



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I am not sure what is going on, but have you tried checking the voltage coming out of the sensor (on the pin that you plug into the APM board). Use a multi-meter and see what kind of voltage is coming out when you plug your battery in. That will give you a clue about where the problem is.

For example, if you are getting something more than a volt (idk where it SHOULD be for no current, but I am guessing it should be less than a volt at least!) when you plug your battery in, and there is no load on the battery; then it may be safe to assume something is wrong with the sensor side of things. Perhaps there is something not connected properly - or the sensor is defective - idk...

Alternatively, if under no current loading - you are getting close to no voltage; then there may be something wrong with the configuration in APM itself... Or the way you have hooked it up to APM...

I am not expert with this stuff but I know it helps to try to narrow down the source of the problem.

The voltage is scaled 0-3.3volts at 90A. And 0-3.3V at 50V. You can configure the ranges with these parameters (note: there's an amp offset that can be set)

(Not sure why the voltage-divider parameter shows in arducopter only, as it must be used in both)

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