Hey folks!

I've been working on creating my own hexacopter based off of this frame: http://www.californiakiteboarding.com/includes/product_7634_DJI-Fla...

Its a DJI Flame Wheel F550 kit. 

I've got a turnigy9x radio and receiver as well as a CC BEC 10a since the ESCs don't have one built in. 

I'm having trouble getting the ESCs to arm/calibrate. Whenever I supply power to the escs/motors there is a constant beeping no matter how I hook up the BEC. Even removing the APM from the setup and I still get a constant beeping. Here are some of the things that I've tried as I've search here and on google. The radio does have a connection to the APM when it is connected as I can see the values moving in the software of the radio calibration.

1. Make one of the ESCs a crude BEC by removing the red power line from the signal wire.

2. Arm the ESCs with the radio by moving the throttle all the way up, down to the far left, all the way down, and I've tried turning down the trim on the throttle to get below 1000. 

3. Remove the APM2.5+ from the setup and connect the signal line from the escs directly to the receiver and do the same method in #2. - the ESCS are powered the PDB from the APM kit. 

4. Tried arming the escs/motors in the APM software with the APM hooked up.

I think it's one of two issues: either something is faulty as all the connections are soldered and solid OR the turnigy won't arm/send a signal to the ESCs because I'm missing a step. 

Any help would be extremely appreciated!

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Ok so did you ever get the constant beeping? Because every time I plug in the battery the ESCs constantly peep like an alarm clock.

Well I removed the APM from my current setup to get the motors to function without it.

In the picture you can see what I have currently setup. The PDB powers the escs which are connected to the motors. The signal wires go straight to the tunigy 9x receiver with the red wires unplugged. 

The CC BEC is connected to the PDB and has a green light when powered. The BEC connect to the battery connection on the receiver. 

The radio is bound to the receiver properly, I just did it again to make sure! I am using the 3dr pm but that's not currently in use as the APM is disconnected. And no servos are being used. 

Thanks a ton for your help Tim!

The motors do not spin in this setup and the ESCs still beep about every .25 seconds.

Battery is a venom 4200 nimh 7.2v power pack. 

I just setup like you said with the BEC removed and all but one esc/motor connected. Still got the beeping. The power line from the esc to the receiver is still removed. 

I think I know the transmitter and receiver are working because when they're hooked up to the APM I can pull up the radio calibration and watch the values go up and down as I move the the six channels that are connected. I also rebound the transmitter to the receiver and got a solid red light after powering on the transmitter and holding the binding button on the back.

I'll admit I am a newbie at soldering but I do know how to use a volt meter and have one in front of me! So the soldering could be an issue on the PDB but there are definitely not two different joints accidentally connected through solder. Tell me what I should measure wise teacher! 

The 30a opto (these have no BECs btw) - I removed the red positive line from the connection to the receiver. The signal and negative wires are still connected.

I might have found the problem but something still doesn't make since! Let me answer your questions first and then I'll explain. 

Battery voltage: 7.9 Volts

Battery voltage at PDB from PM connector: 7.9 volts

Battery volt at ESC/PDC: 7.9 volts

Battery  voltage at two wire 5v/gnd cable: 0 volts! 

So found an issue there but I also measured the BEC when it was connected and it came out as 5.1volts. When I connect the BEC to the receiver and have one ESC plugged in the ESC still beeps! 

Have you calibrated your transmitter using the mission planner?

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