Today I lost my quad

Went out flying and was hover about 10ft high and about 30ft away. I decided to try RTL turned on the switch and the quadcopter quickly started to climb in the sky above the cloud and disappeared.

I lost my new APM2.5+ and Gps.(30days old) I am so hurt losing my new Apm2.5+

I hope someone will fell sorry for me. If not I guess 1 more year of savings for a new one.

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Willie: I disagree. I believe your issue was caused by another problem. Namely, that you did not carefully read the manual before attempting to fly.
20. Enable GPSlock (LIM_GPSLCK_ON) 1= gpslock is enabled. Default = 0 = Disabled.
21. Require GPSlock (LIM_GPSLCK_ON) 1= Requires gpslock before arming vehicle. Default = 0 = Disabled.

Sorry to hear you lost your quad, that sucks man. I just had the same thing happen to me. Flew it for a few mins testing loiter and RTL, all worked perfectly. Then I disarmed and disconnected the battery to mess with the cheap hobby king wing cam. Powered it back on waited a few mins just to make sure of a good gps lock (all the lights indicated it was so) then took off, first I switched to loiter and it started to head off so I switched to RTL and then it really took off heading to who knows where so I quickly switched back to stabilize mode and tried to bring it down gently. No such luck, since I couldn't see it clearly it went down a bit too fast and hit a chain link fence 150 yards away. I was able to retrieve it with just one broken prop. Going to put my info on it now per Richard Boyhan's suggestion. At least I got some good crash video lol.  

My guess is that your barometer was not properly shielded from air currents from your props.  If you are moving air and creating a positive pressure on the barometer then the same pressure reading you had on the ground with throttle at zero might be read at a much higher altitude!

Check out this user's experience:

PM me your shipping adress and I will send you some ardu gear I don't use anymore.

Hey Mike Pursifull,

You stated: "Willie: I disagree. I believe your issue was caused by another problem. Namely, that you did not carefully read the manual before attempting to fly."

In stead of being opinionated, obnoxious, and rude, offer some good direction. Not all of us are good as YOU!!


Clearly you have misunderstood something in my words or tone. How is it that you feel "hate on the newbies?"
By power distribution, I was alluding to one of the typical atypical issues that can explain GPS issues (in fact, all sorts of issues.) namely, brownouts in flight. Consider, without knowing anything of your build, and in offering a quick list of issues I have observed that plague other builders which produce some of the symptoms you are describing. A more common one which I may have left out is radio interference (especially as generated by the RX.) but regarding power distribution, the more common issue that affects GPS occasionally, can cause fly aways in general, and is responsible for not a few crazy crashes, the in-flight electrical draw on the power supply such that the power delivered to the APM is not suffient, for a moment, to prevent brownouts or logic/communication problems between components in the system, results in problematic memory handling and reboots. This can happen, consider, when throttle is increased while at the same time servo action is pulling a few amps. Especially in a larger wing, like the X8, power distribution to servos under stress is a matter for careful planning. It is very easy to pull more amps than can be supplied 1) through the APM and 2) by a small linear or switching BEC.

Kindly take your personal attacks elsewhere. I read Willie's post history. The most constructive advise I can offer him is that he should read the wiki/manual more carefully. This is something many of our community will benefit from, as there are a lot of very important details hidden in the manual.

I have noticed a very distinct change in the type of troubles out members are having in the last four or six months. It used to be that many people had trouble getting a copter off the ground. Cross cabling problems, calibration problems, soldering problems, reversed or improperly installed props, motors spinning backwards, vibration problems, or just ground effects on take off dashed the hopes of many new flyers.

Now, however, so many more flyers are lifting off, and fly directly into the nearest tree or house. They usually have not followed the first flight steps outlined in the manual carefully, do not have a full grasp on how to test alt hold, loiter, and go straight for auto or RTL. As appears to be the case here. Now, I can spoon feed what I think is the answer to each problem, in turn, to each person who, in their own words, has suggested to me that they might have skipped past a few important details in the manual, only to see them make the very next mistake also discussed in said manual, and thereby being myself responsible for their next prop-replacement-opportunity, or I can be responsible and suggest they read the helpful manual more closely.

It isn't a blow-off. If I can answer the question directly, and think that is more valuable, I usually do. See my history of hopefully sometimes helpful answers. Look at my profile, take a peek at the sheer numbers and if you don't think I'm helpful enough, come insult me some more. In this case, I believe that particular user is better able to help himself, and will be far better off with the advice I gave. He's a smart guy, who just missed a few tips. Tips that are in the manual.

I'm sorry you feel the need to lash out when someone provides a helpful reply that you don't understand.

Just a thought? Could the fact that the telemetry antenna was not fitted cause a brownout? If it is not there it will suck a load more power... As the problem certainly sounds like a brownout to me?

What did I not read in the manual?

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