I have an APM2.5 in AuruCopter mode.

I am able to power on and connect to the unit via direct USB connection.

When I connect my 14.7v 4S LiPo to the Power Module and then connect the PM to the APM2.5, it does not power on.

Power Module '3DR APM 2.5 model 2012-09-24'

APM v2.5.2


I have confirmed:

- 15.06v on the LiPo terminals

- 15.06v delivered via the Output on the PM (to ESCs)

- 1.03v when I test the +5v pad on the PM. Confirmed voltage on the female end of the APM connector (red wire and next black wire)

   - 1.03v confirmed across pins on back of APM unit 

- 1.45v when I test the 'V' pad on the PM. Confirmed voltage on APM connector (last wire before 2 ground wires)

   - 1.45 confirmed across pins on back of APM unit

- 0v on the 'I' pad on the PM




Mission Planner 1.2.69 (Optioanl Hardware, Battery Monitor) reads 15.012v when the APM is powered by the USB port


Help please.

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A buddy of mine is having this same issue. He's using an RCTimer ArduFlyer. 

I'm going to test his power module on my APM tomorrow to see what happens.



This ended up being a bad part, cheap PM from China.  Swapped it out for one from 3DR and the APM works fine.



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