I'm building my first Arducopter (obviously) and i can't find a photo to confirm my final connections from the power and to the channel receiver and telemetry module. Can anyone help me out with ensuring I get this right?

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is that a spektrum telemetry module on the left of the RX?


TM1000 I assume.

What model is the RX, and also what TX are you using?

Yes TM1000 and AR8000 with the Spektrum DX8

Have you done the binding for those yet? in reading the pdf's there maybe a special bind technique when incorporating the TM1000.

Also what is your power routing from/to apm2 <> rx/telemetry? ( ie do you happen to have a power module for an APM2.5 ?)

Here is an updated picture, I've only included the signal wires for the first 4 channels.

choice of aux channels for mode control is up to you.

But, you should use the search here on DIYDrones for AR8000... some folks have had to use slower pwm mode. ( AR8000 Search ) among some other issues you might want to be familiar with.

FYI, on an AR8000 the signal pin is on bottom.

See question above on power.




Thanks Darren!  The power from the PDB is delivered by a 2pin connector (Black and Red) which I assume connects next to the 4-wire connector for the ESCs.  There are several other cables (see photo).  However the manual doesn't specify use and i cannot find any image to confirm placement.


Yes, if you dont have the new Power Module. Then use the wiki page for power runs. I pasted below. I also identified the cables in your pic and added one from the TM1000. (none of wich are the power cable you want)

You can utilize a 3wire standard servo cable for the mode control cable which will include the power and ground.


1) Input side powers the receiver

2) Output side gets power from the PDB for APM and output rail

Ahh!  Exactly what I need.  Thank You So much!

This should win some kind of award for the most clear and thorough answer ever! It makes me want to buy a Spektrum just so i can use this awesome package of info you put together Darren. What a great thread!

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