I have a tricopter, and it finally hovers. I have not start flying around yet as I am going through a little issue with yaw.

The default yaw PID is 8(P). So, I tried hovering with that. I get to face one direction and it will hover for a while and it will decide to  do a quick turn/head to another direction all of a sudden like some told it yaw right.

So, then I correct it. After a few seconds, it does it again. Is this trying to head a certain direction. Is the mag telling it where to head?

So, I decide to reduce the P from 8 to 3. Now my yaw travel has reduce from 100 travel to about 15 travel Why is this?

I am doing all this on Stable mode.


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Yaw drift is a known issue of recent firmwares and has been addressed, wait for a new version, should be out shortly.

Also it is a little better if you let your copter sit powered on for a few minutes before arming and flying, sometimes it's completely gone, YMMV.

It's could be the magnetometer calibration. You can start from scratch and recalibrate it. Be sure to keep high current DC wires to the ESCs away from the APM and Magnetometer.


I never did calibrate the mag. Didn't think it needed it, or at least was not in the guidelines I followed from the wiki. Maybe I missed it.

Ok, I will try that.

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