hey did you guys hear the joke about the 3DRobotics APM2 repair paths? 

 oh wait there are none!

Beware folks don't fry your APM2... it is costly. Its not like APM1 where you can dice off the red board and keep the Oilpan alive. The purple board is evil. ;) 

If you are accident prone, stick to APM1 and buy a stash of red boards.

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Thanks for the advice, I will try this first, and keep you posted.


Re flashing went all ok no problems here, reading the eprom is possible with Flip v3.4.7, but the result is still the same in MP, cant upload FW nor getting a connection established, the TX led dont lit up on the apm board when trying to connect with MP. (communication error).

Thanks for your time.

Yes it's reading the eeprom of the other chip, the usb one.

If none of the ABC leds are lit then I suspect the atmega2560 is dead - they're about 20EUR:


and you'll need a hot air gun to unsolder and resolder the new one.

The problem is, I can't guarantee that's at fault - there might be other things that are faulty too - so it's not really economical to repair.  Especially as the rctimer boards are so cheap ~50EUR.



PS - you minimosd board is suspect - if that overvolted the atmega2560 then it may have destroyed it.

I suppose u are wright that the chip is dead caused by an overdose or static electric.

It a shame, costly lesson learned.

Maybe you can answer this question, before I trow it in the bin, is there any possibility that I can use the gps from this one on the new apm2.5?



Probably, try it!  If the light comes on it's probably ok.

Maybe I will (some day  ;o)

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