An ABC Australia news story on the opening of the Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA) new building in Brisbane QLD

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Paravize Head-on is a portable, self-contained device
intended to be placed on top of the glare-shield of a
GA aircraft to assist the pilot in spotting potentially
dangerous traffic. Uses high-resolution cameras
and a high-speed computer running a
machine vision algorithm to 'see' traffic in front of
the user. The system is designed to provide advisories
in day VFR conditions in the cruise phase of cross-country flight only.
Completely self-contained, no connection to the aircraft, no STC required.
3 high-resolution cameras provide 120° of horizontal coverage. 15+ hrs of
battery life, can be recharged at home or from cigarette lighter. 4,000-pixel
LCD display with backlight indicates threat direction. Alert buzzer augments
flashing display when a threat is detected. Simple operation, just
level it on the glare-shield in cruise flight. P/N 11-03364 ..........$935.00

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