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Re check your motors spinning direction, your esc correct wiring order to pixfalcon plug and your props orientation

Can you please try to help me go step by step - i got a vertigo by now and can't tell heads from tails..

Can you share a photo from your build?

Ok, your props looks in the correct side, give little throttle and check if the motors spin in the correct direction as instructions above indicate and look if all the motors starts at the same time.


Maybe i found out the reason for the problem:

i wonder if i did not calibrate the ESC's well.

i hope that what's described in the following video, which is calibrating the ESC's one by one when not connected to the flight controller, is what actually i did not do, although, i did calibrate all 4 esc's and motors, when everything was connected together and to the Mission Planner:

If you calibrate succesfully the four at the same time, it's ok, control if the four spin at the same time when the copter is level and you give little throttle.

They don't spin at the same time when the copter is level, one of them starts later. What does it mean? that i need to calibrate the magnetometer again or that i need to calibrate the ESC's again? 

OK -
Now that i'v gone through ESC firmware upload again and calibrated the ESC's - all done on the ESC's one by one - i'm kind of lost, since i still get a sideways flipping, instead of a symmetrical take off.

b.t.w the motors all start and speed up in sync now - so that is probably not the problem...

Any ideas what should be next on my problem elimination check list?


Here is a video i just took. You can see i am pushing the throttle stick up 3 times - and letting it back down every time - since i already know it ends up in a flip at the direction it starts tilting in the video. That is, i don't want to push the throttle any further and damage the props more than already damaged in previous 5-6 full flips:

Here is the FC i have: 
PixFalcon Micro PX4 Autopilot

I don't seem to find decent documentation.

When i connect the 4 motors to channels 1234, where channels 1 is a Futaba with black, red, white wires and channel 4 is blue wire Futaba with only data and channel 5 is yellow wire with only data and channel 6 is green wire with only data - i get 3 motors turning CW and only 1 turning CCW.

Make sure radio is calibrated, and try the motor test in MP to make sure the correct motors are spinning up

Oh, didn't see this.  Might need one of the CW motors to have the ESC power leads reversed to give 2CW and 2 CCW


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