it's been month since I last visited the forum.. I'm planning on using APM version 1.4 on board of EPO glider 1.6meter wing. the APM was used for y6 before. I'm currently using flaperon mix and comfortable with it for spot landing. right aileron on channel 1 and left aileron on channel 6

can anybody tell me how connect the servos to APM if I continue to use flaperon? as of now ,out pin: 1=right aileron servo, 2=elevator servo, 3=esc/motor, 4=rudder servo. where do I put the left aileron servo?

thanks guys

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you use a Y cable

Thanks james.. I tried Y cable, but flap won't work only aileron works.. is there any coding somewhere I can use?

I whould plug the servo wire that works in to the one the one that is not working if it works its the y cable if it still wont work its the servo not a expert but hope it helps

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