Just posted this version which has an increased performance DCM implementation. This allows the main loop to run 50Hz faster without increasing the CPU load. I've flown this for 30 minutes and it's an improvement in every respect.


Circle mode now seems to be working just fine. This should be the last beta! enjoy testing!




Here is the Link to a download:


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Hi Duran,

Whas it the first time with the Octo ?

Any video ?



Well guys here are is my 5th flight, this time indoors, wind free :) With no previous experience in air RC I'm still trying to get skilled enough to try the auto modes. 1st video in simple mode, 2nd one in stabilize ! After all the frustrations in the process of having it finally in the air, that's a big reward and I'm hooked, batteries should last forever ehehehe I would like to thank both the developpers and "colleague aviators" :) This is a great project in every ways.


You also have logs from your onboard dataflash, which you can analyze with the very powerful Mission Planner analysis tools (Terminal/Log Browse).


Maybe you've got a bad baro sensor?

2.0.42 is best software that I flew.over ardu-NG . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MafOpaPMlls 


wow that is a great display of stability! nice to also see your sonar at it's best! 

can't wait to have my repairs completed! 

43 Beta!

Will give it a test.

I've decided to name my quad Timex.

Thanks Jason


Sorry about the repairs Dany.


The renaming missing the suffix Mega has a issue with the LED lights for low voltage indication.

For now it is renamed with the Mega suffix to compile.

Also noticed the upgrade beyond .66 with APM mission planner needs a new complete download.

I use a Laptop on Win 7 that went to .70 the XP Desk upgraded to .69

This is just a FYI based on what I am using.

I am eager to test the waypoints.


I've started my Octo with MK but thought I'd give ARDU a try and glad i did, it's so stable, especially the latest version, very simple to load and change from Quad to Okto (would be nice to have the OCTO option in APM though)


Ive loaded a short video here:




one question, last time I tried simple (version 39 i think) simple mode was not working, I had no stick contorl, only throttle ?? Any ideas ? Not sure if this is just octo ?



I downloaded the logs from APM but ALT column is empty. Not a single record in the whole log. What's up with that? Have to try again.

I don't think the baro sensor is bad 'cause alt hold worked OK with the previous firmware version (2.0.3x). It's just this 2.0.42 I'm having serious trouble with. I did some rework on my quad today, now APM is inside a plastic box (with some holes in it) and baro sensor is covered with breathable cloth. I can see now difference in alt hold behaviour, still very random. The quad reacts too little and too late on altitude changes. I'll post a video of my best alt hold moment later today.

Here's a vid from today. That's the best I got from alt hold. Please help... :) The video has a screenshot of my settings at the end. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOOkp_HOmKk

Attached is log file I downloaded after four batteries of tuning today. That's a graph of baro alt. Rest of the log (~70%) was just static, ie. random values between zero and some certain value. You can see start of the end at the end of the picture. That's how the rest looked like.

Any ideas? All suggestions are highly welcome!


Today I flew 2.0.42 with my hexacopter. I was battling a pretty dandy crosswind but it still flew pretty well. I have to saw that during the gusts is certainly did bank a bit. It seems like it is a bit sloppy thats all, which is likely because of using the default PID's on my DIY airframe.


The second flight in the evening was with little to no wind. I didn't have much room but I did manage to hover it out for about 5 mins. It was pretty stable I have to say.


How can I make it a bit more crisp so it does seem so sloppy on pitch and roll? I'm afraid to touch the pid's lol. I dropped them .1 last time and it was very bad.



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