There is a preview on GIT right now. I flew a version of this


The PWM output has been set to 400hz (to counter the low pass filter in most Turnigy PWMs)

The DCM's Roll and Pitch gains were lowered to .03 (recommendation of Hein Hollander)

Mavlink has gotten a re-work for performance and memory savings.


Added a scaling factor to camera Roll And Pitch CAM_P_G, CAM_R_G in the params list.

Fixed some bad PID values for Alt hold that were giving folks trouble.

Exiting a WP for another is faster and more controlled now.

Added user hooks for those who want to execute their own code inline.

Increased loiter speed to center when the copter is flown > 400cm (now 800cm).


Loiter in action.


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During the last 10 flight i've observed that sometimes yaw stick is very sensitive (moving a little bit the yaw stick makes the copter to yaw) and sometimes it is yawing only when the yaw stick is at end position. What could be the cause? I've observed this in Loiter mode, i don't have the skills to try in other mode to see how it behaves.

been really busy these last weeks and didn't have time to refly 2.0.49

but today i had time to drain out 2 lipos just to test inflight leveling and perfect stab ..


In my last test flights i wasn't paying attention at all at yaw but today i noticed a real asymetry , not only in reactivity but also speed of yawing between stick full left and full right


Same for stick middle left, and middle right, and also stick a bit left and bit right


yawing left is extremly fast , reactive, frankly powerfull, usable, good

yawing right is extremly slow, and even at full right stick , slowly or quickly done, its slooww, with nearly no "power" ;


Whats strange is that the copter itself is perfectly stable, still, and holds direction perfect too;

im sure its not mecanical ! not a prop problem, not a motor positionning problem (like slightly not same angles as other etc..)


I cannot think its something else than software related. my setup is stock arducopter hex frame

ive read somewhere in the forum about a new setting or way of handling  yawstick deadband and power etc.. has anyone had and solved this problem and could help me start somewhere? thanks !


non-symmetric Yaw performance is almost always a HW issue. One motor is biased most likely.

Try giving a very slight yaw. Does it start spinning freely, even the wrong way? That may be an indication of a frame slightly out of whack.


Thanks you Jason ;


In which way do you mean that one motor is biased?  biased like underperforming ?


when i give hard or slight yaw, it yaws much quicker to one side than to the other, but doesn't continue spinning , not even a bit, or freely; as soon as i stop yawing, either hard or slow, it immediatly stops yawing and holds its bearing immediatly too


I had a hard crash some weeks ago, but before that i noticed this, but not in a fully aware way .. i was fieldtesting turning always in same long circle .. never took time to really compare  but i had that feeling


edit : i also tried hand (empirical) yaw testing the copter, trying to see if forcing yaw to left or right would oppose sensible different force.. but it seemed ok, concording with correct auto bearing hold

Hard to say, could be simply a few motors off 2-3°

Could be a slow motor, causing the nearest neighbors to pick up the slack inducing Yaw.

If you start to Yaw with barely any Yaw input you'll know its the frame. Try lowering your CH4 deadzone to 60 or less. It should start to spin with minimal input.


Thank you again, i will retest next time paying extra close attention to any free spinning episode, and will fiddle with the ch4 too of course, i could use it  :)


Keep up the good job Jason, 2.0.50 seems quite a task looking at the "habitual" release cycle time; i Hope you enjoy it!


Jason, in this case, could it be a compass magnetic interference ?


According to how wires and batteries are mounted, magnetic interference can be very different and have a dynamic and asymetric behavior.


In this case this could it explain asymetric yaw ?


I think that the best to check for this is to lock the frame firmly on the ground, and push the throttle stick gently to the max, watching compass response at the same time inside Mission Planner.





my x468hd octa test flight with default pid. sonar not be so good as hexa, PIDs must be adjusted.

The 2.0.49 has been around for quite some time now, going well beyond the one-two week test period for each design. I wonder is there a major release coming soon again or is more behind the scenes dev. going on?

.50 now shows available through the updated M.P. 0.95.

2.0.50 has been in the repository for a month or so and is being heavily tested--it's perhaps the most tested version we've ever released. (It's also the first to be built with the awesome autotest system, which uncovered lots of small bugs that had been in all the previous versions). You're free to use 2.0.50 from the repository now, but keep in mind that it changes several times a day as we try new tests, so it may not be stable. 


We'll probably release a public version of 2.0.50 (hex in the Mission Planner and zip file) early next week. The traditional heli one is already out.

UPDATE: ArduCopter 2.0.50 has now been publicly released and is in the Mission Planner.

So the version that now appears in .95 MP is not yet a public/finished release?

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