Version 2.4 of the ArduCopter code is now available in the AP Mission Planner and in the downloads area.  Although not as big a change as the 2.3 release, it still includes a respectable number of enhancements and bug fixes.




Bug fixes:


The default PIDs are optimized for a 3DR/Jdrones quad with 850 motors and 10" props. If you're using more powerful motors/props, start by turning down Rate Roll P in 25% steps.


Thanks go to the numerous contributors including users and their detailed bug reports, developers and testers.  Hopefully all together this will add up to a nice smooth release!


As per usual, please post your comments, issues in this discussion.  For enhancement requests for future versions, feel free to add them to the issues list.  Note:  you can "star" an issue to receive emails when someone comments on the item.  On the dev side it helps us because we can get an idea as to which feature requests are the most popular by sorting by the number of people how have starred each issue.

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Ok then, just nobody mess with it in the next five minutes ;)

Marco, unless you are actually writing the hash on the video, it's almost pointless.  You can check if there are any changes when you publish the video, and then 1 hour later, somebody pushes a change, and then 1 hour later, somebody watches the video and pulls from GIT.  

There's only so much we can do.  Anybody downloading from GIT needs to be aware of how it works, and what are the risks.  


Yes. Also generic GPSs in NMEA mode, although we don't test and certify them.

Here a video of a test flight of the latest firmware ArduCopter v2.4.2 (beta) with the new fix on DCM and the magnetometer setup. This version tested in flight include also the AUTO-LAND and Helicopter type H1 (HIL) mod XP2 (JLN).

Wind: 15 Km/h from N-W

The LOITER (baro only) is very stable in spite of the wind and there is no drift in the yaw. The flight is very stable.

Stay tuned, this new version 2.4.2 will be soon on line for download in the official repository...

Regards, Jean-Louis

Hey, I am not so good with C programming, but look at this nested commenting, doesn´t it appear a bit ambigous?

Commenting out a comment??

navigation.pde, line 57 (from 2.4.1 on GIT now)

x_actual_speed = x_speed_old + (float)(g_gps->longitude - last_longitude) * scaleLongDown * tmp;
y_actual_speed = y_speed_old + (float)(g_gps->latitude - last_latitude) * tmp;

x_actual_speed = x_actual_speed >> 1;
y_actual_speed = y_actual_speed >> 1;

x_speed_old = x_actual_speed;
y_speed_old = y_actual_speed;



Hi JL, do you know if the repository version will have your auto landing mod ? Thank you.

I was making a small test about 1h ago and loiter is without a doubt much more stable and willing to hold position. Strange though, how you having a lighter and smaller quad than mine (with higher thrust/weight ratio), you can still use LOITER_LAT and LON P so high, mine at 2.8 still overshoot a lot, I had to lower it to 1.5 and will try 1.7 tomorrow.

Oooh really, I've got a NMEA holux unit that i used with my phone before i got one with built in gps that was accurate to about a meter 10m inside the main doors of a shopping centre, It knows when i swap from one sofa to another, and its bluetooth.

If you look closely that makes sense in context with the next dozen lines. There are two means of calculating the same thing. Commenting out the comment mark (/*) at the start of one block of code easily enables or disables the desired calculation method keeping both of them intact for future use or code tests.

Thanks Don,

Yeah, I imagined I could be like that. So in this particular case, the block between the beginning /* and ending /* is currently in effect, since the beginning /* is commented out?

- Right?

Hallo! Yup, I've back off on my rate_D's for normal testing, I consider the 'ninja mode' as a seperate entity for now.

The only thing I'm really surprised at is JLN's really low rate_P in his loiter tests, are yours this low?

Emm daft question, how do i produce the ardufiles from GIT - I require merge resolution apparently but I have no idea what I'm doing and my brain won't fill in the 'already knowns' in the wiki. here is an intersting one....

apm2 installed in quad.......connected to missionplanner and all the radio channels work 100%.

arm an take off apm2 responds to Trottle yaw and mode switch but not a pitch and roll input....

im using 9x running er9x....

any ideas???

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