Version 2.4 of the ArduCopter code is now available in the AP Mission Planner and in the downloads area.  Although not as big a change as the 2.3 release, it still includes a respectable number of enhancements and bug fixes.




Bug fixes:


The default PIDs are optimized for a 3DR/Jdrones quad with 850 motors and 10" props. If you're using more powerful motors/props, start by turning down Rate Roll P in 25% steps.


Thanks go to the numerous contributors including users and their detailed bug reports, developers and testers.  Hopefully all together this will add up to a nice smooth release!


As per usual, please post your comments, issues in this discussion.  For enhancement requests for future versions, feel free to add them to the issues list.  Note:  you can "star" an issue to receive emails when someone comments on the item.  On the dev side it helps us because we can get an idea as to which feature requests are the most popular by sorting by the number of people how have starred each issue.

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Hello Balloon,

You will find my full version of AC v2.4.1xp2+DCM fix that I have successfully tested in flight with the full PIDs parameters for my F450 Flame Wheel quadcopter.


Regards, Jean-Louis

I think there's a point in rushing the team to at least release the (slightly tested) actual version known to work. Because there's some of us still flying with the version known to crash :) And I believe most people here know what they're getting into when they use it...

Of course if 2.4.2 is due out tomorrow then my point is null :)

ArduCopter V2.4.x - Andrew Tridgell "DCM-WIP Branch" patch + Jason Short "490 Hz PWM" tests (APM1):

Release: a2e77c9740b3 (private branch on Tridge repository, alpha code)

Hi all!
Today I tested the epic work that Tridge and Jason has done on the dcm library and other things, which as you well know because of drift problems on many of our quad after 3/4 minutes of flight, I saved my X8 from a bad crash for this problem.
I pushed my little X-Quad X525 (aka "KamiKaze") to its limits, to assess whether the dcm could filter out the strong vibrations induced by the propellers in fast flight.
It can be seen in the video that there are often strong wobblings during hard maneuvers, induced by a "flight to the limit" for small engines and big props installed on my little quad.
I have not focused on automatisms, since it was necessary to focus on the stability of the dcm, which is put to the test with loiter or orbital missions.
I just noticed a small problem with the compass during a flight (not the one in the video), the quad has rotated independently about 45 degrees clockwise, and kept that way, same issue with my little xquad and my heavy X8... I have already reported the problem and logs to the development team.
The motors pwm output now is "490 Hz", i've zero issue with all my esc.
What can we say, are very satisfied with the robustness in flight, as the small quad-precision unfortunately can not do miracles, I have to install more powerfull engines, although I noticed a slight inaccuracy in stability compared to 2.4.1, perhaps induced by this alpha patch.
I had great results with my X8 (rock solid), for obvious reasons, a larger mass is necessarily more stable, unfortunately I have not made any video today, but surely I'll record and publish here tomorrow.
This video is full, uncutted, to demonstrate the reliability of this alpha code.

Thanks to all the Dev Team for this hard work, in particular to Andrew and Jason... and to Jean-Louis for the first "cavia" flight test! :P

 --= Marco =--
(AC Dev Team)


Hello Marco,

Good video flight... I agree with you, I have also the same thing as you about current GIT version, the Yaw has turned sometime to the left, the loiter was not really accurate and the quad has tendency to escape itself with this alpha version...

So, this why I have prefered to use my own tested version v2.4.1xp2 which has already tested successfully in previous flights... I have just added the new APM_MATH and APM_DCM library and that's all....

This works well... Nothing to change here, as far as I am concerned...


there were many people hit by this bug, I guess we should have filed it properly.... I thought it was a well known misbehaviour.


just got my APM 2.

Downloaded the drivers and conected to pc.

Started MP and downloaded latest arducopter firmware.

MP connects to APM but HUD start to turn in all directions untill message NaN ERROR appears.

HUD is frozen.

Paramenters can still be changed.

See attachement.



I would have posted that in the Mission Planner forum, PACEFE.


is the APM that is not working.

ACC and gyros are reporting nonsense....

Hi Marco,

Thanks very much for that flight, and especially the logs! This is the first flight log I have with the new DCM status data. There are a few interesting things in it. First off, the DCM.error_rp term grows larger than it really should. That means that DCM thinks it has poor attitude more often than we would like. It also is noisier than what I see in the SITL sim with white noise. The omegaI terms are also very interesting. In particular, the omegaIz term, which control yaw drift, got quite large, at one point hitting 1.6 degrees/second. That I think is why your yaw control was bad. I think we need to decrease the ki for yaw, and/or give the compass more authority in the drift correction.

I'll keep looking at the logs to see what else I can find, thanks again for the flight!

Cheers, Tridge

PS: For everyone else, just to be clear, my 'wip' branches should not be considered stable. I make them available to enable working with other developers and for testing by people I am working closely with like Marco. They may contain major bugs and often contain very experimental ideas that may not actually work


I had the exact same thing and suspected a hardware problem.  I loaded ArduPilot firmware and it worked fine.  I then reloaded Arducopter 2.41 and it started working correctly.


Now its working.

Nice feature!!!!

What is better for my quad APM 1.0 or APM 2.0 ?

I need one for my plane....


Thank you , Jean Louis....

I will testing it............

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