Version 2.6 of the ArduCopter code is now available in the AP Mission Planner and in the downloads area!


Updates to MavLink 1.0 means you will need to use "ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe" to connect.  If you've updated your mission planner recently you should find this executable in the directory where the mission planner is installed.


The above video is done using a prototype 3dr ublox GPS which seems to have better accuracy than the standard mediatek.


Improvements over 2.5.5 include:
     - MavLink 1.0 support (use with ArdupilotMegaPlanner10.exe) [Tridge, Craig]

     - Stability improvements especially during level hover [Jason]

     - throttle range improvement (higher min and max) [Jason]

     - improved standard Loiter PIDs [Alan, Heino, Jason, Angel]

     - dataflash erase speed up ('+' messages removed but it only takes 6 seconds now) [Tridge]

     - Copter LEDs [Robert Lefebvre]

     - RTL loiter stage target set to home to improve final landing position [Jason]

     - flip & acro improvements [Jason]

     - circle mode target improvement for ground station [Jason]

     - Auto Approach [Adam Rivera / Marco]


Bug fixes include:

     - UBLOX driver fixes (lock should now be more reliable) [Tridge]

     - enable mavlink messages during dataflash erase which resolves issue in which new APMs fresh from the factory appeared unresponsive [Tridge]

     - proper printing of lat/lon values in dataflash logs [Randy]

     - removed duplicate GPS reads [Jason]

     - resolve flooding of telemetry link with low-battery warnings [Tridge]

     - RTL bug would land if rtl_approach_alt was more than 1 [Jason]

     - WP Radius could not be set larger than 1.3m [Jason/Randy]


PIDs are optimised for the 3DR/Jdrones quad with 850 motors and 10" props.  If you're using more powerful motors/props and are seeing bad flight behaviour in stabilize, start by turning down Rate Roll P in 25% steps.

This time we spent some time optimising the loiter PIDs.  Tuning loiter can be tricky so please refer to the discussions which will appear below for more community feedback on what parameters work best.
All feedback welcome below.  Enhancement requests and bug reports can be put into the arducopter issues list.  When possible please include logs (tlog and/or dataflash) and tell us whether you're using APM1 or APM2 and what version of the software you're using (presumably 2.6 but tell us anyway!).


Happy flying!

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Thank you Aerhead.  That should be easy for me to address -- I'm glad to have an easy solution.

someone can tell me about the apm when no red led. today went out to fly and not a moment's rekindled, still flew well but did not fix the tail. Later I now turn my apm and the red LED turned on. I need to know that did not light the red LED that is what happens?

The APM does not see a GPS lock. Look at your GPS board. Do you have a solid blue light? If yes, then check the cable (APM1?) between the APM and the red APM board. If no, then connect to Mission Planner over USB and watch Status/satcount for a few minutes while you have the APM and GPS outside.

If you have an APM2 with a built in GPS, look at the blue LED. If it goes solid, but the red led does not, then something might be loose between the two boards, or damaged. If the blue light keep blinking, then you have no GPS lock. If it goes solid, check inside Mission Planner. If the blue light is on, but the Satcount is 0, or if you run Terminal/test/gps and you get G! G! then something is broken on your GPS board. 

Depends on the failsafe your radio uses.

I use FR Sky, and set the failsafe to select "Auto".

My party trick at the field is to get the plane at reasonable height, switch off the TX, and pretend to get busy with something else.

Plane fly's the mission, comes back, and circles the TO

This is interesting! Just so you know i have a gopro (someone was expressing concern), i've had it sat right on top of and below apm1 and 2's. kk controllers and a multiwii, never had a jitter at all. I've not stuck it on an analyser, but it seems fine to me.

I found some Bug with the Okto V firmware. The roll Gyro have to be reversed. Can somebody check this? With the normal Okto all ok.

Good morning to everyone.

I've just checked the verision 2.6 but I have some problem with the PID.

In the past I flown 2.45 with a lighter hexa without problem, now I've replace the motor and esc increasing the weight and the motor to motor distance. The configuration of my hexa now is:

  • Motor emax gt 2218/11 with APC 12x6
  • motor to motor distance 75cm
  • APM1 
  • Esc turnigy flush 40A
  • Battery 2x4500 
  • Two axis gimbal
  • Total weight about 3kg.

With standard PID is fully unstable. Then I reduced stabilize P from 4.5 to 3.8 and Rate P to 0.145 to 0.1. The situation is better but it's still unstable with wide oscillation.

Any suggestion?

Do you think that the value of Rate P is correct and I need to reduce more stabilize P or I need to tune other parameters?

Thank a lot folks!


try Changing stab I to 0.002 to 0.015  range. I also have 3.800 on P and that with the 0.02 works well. You may even try P 3.400?

Hi Mario, I have motors like that on my quad and they are very good and reliable, however, they are 930kv wich may lead to propeller stall with those 12x6. You should try 12x3.8. Also try to lower even further your STAB P to 3.5 and STAB D of 0.12 not touching the RATE P for now, just to see how it handles, also, put in a RATE D of 0.002. Wait for someone else's opinion also to see if it checks. 

the red LED on my apm 1 not lit and the entire flight was so late. try to return home and not work. why not lit the red light? has passed several times

Thanks John, in attachment you can see my PID settings.

I'm little bit confused.

Do I change the Stabilize I from 0.1 (stock value) to a value in the range 0.002 to 0.015? In other words, i need to reduce the Stanbilize value of one order of magnitude?



Thanks Manuel,
as you can see in the above image (my PID settings) the stabilize pitch D is zero and I've tried also stabilize pitch, roll =3.5 but the results is almost the same.
Do you suggest to increse the stabilize pitch D to 0.12 and reduce the rate pitch D to 0.002?

For the propeller, I made a bench test also with the 12x3.8 but I noted that the 12x6 develop greater thrust and higher efficiency.



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