ArduCopter 2.7.1 will become available on Mission Planner and in the downloads area shortly. This release contains a few important bug fixes as well as the first implementation of the MPU6000 sensor-fusion code. 

Detailed changes are in the commit log. Here's a summary:


- Preliminary support for MPU6000 on board sensor-fusion (DMP)

- AP_Limits: Experimental "bounce" mode, for smaller spaces (LIM_RECMODE)


- Bug fix for yaw error buildup on takeoff

- Fix in Auto mode for failsafe handling

- Fixes to 3-axis camera gimbal code

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just upgraded apm2 & my APC220 module is not working. any one els having this issue?

You need to configure the baud rates matching both in APM2 and APC220.

Set both at 19200 and RF data rates of APC220 at double the baud rate.

both bad rates are the same this was not a new apc220 had been working prior to update


Can anyone help me because I do not understand anything;-(

I'm in frame 550, apM1, with version 2.6 no problem.

I uploaded version 2.7.1, I tried to adjust the RATE P or P STAB, but the motors are completely crazy. I have two or four engines that operate on or I can do  take off but the engines suddenly cut.

Am I the only one with this type of problem, despite the different settings of PID??

Thank you in advance for your help

I never did get my APC220's to work on APM with the new firmware versions, eventually I just gave up. No one else was really interested in getting it sorted.

Please go to the CLI setup and enter erase, then reset. Then go through the MP config process again. You may have some old settings in your EEPROM that need to be cleared.

That's a shame I guess I go back to working version of the code.

Hello. Can anyone tell me how does AHRS GPS gain works and what behaviour is expected ? Thank you.

I remade the tests, every time I erase and reset. recalibration etc ...
engines react very badly. I am fortunate to have two apM1 and the problem is on 2.
Of which I will return to 2.6, erase and reset, everything works very well.

Very sincerely, I really understand anything ... same problem for 2.7 and 2.7.1

If anyone has a solution, let me know ....

First off, you guys are doing a great job with Arducopter coding, so please take the following constructively.

Being a new Arducopterer, I have been quietly following all the issues, and a lot a familiar problems that I am struggling with at present.

I purchased a built and test flown JDrones Hexa for a colleague to do aerial photography, and initially started with 2.5, then 2.6 code. All was going really well, very stable in stabilise, Alt hold was within metres, and the first autonomous flight was good including the auto takeoff and landing. Just some fine tuning on the WP PIDs and all would be a go.

Then 2.7 was released and that's when everything went pear shaped. 2.7.1 is a little better.

I have managed to get a very solid stabilise, but alt hold will not hold altitude with random descents, and it seems to change from flight to flight. The motor surges in Alt Hold happen no matter what PID tuning I try. And I have been trying every combination and recommendation I have come across.

In any mode other than Stabilise, there is oscillation, as if the updates to the motors are too slow, and you can detect it cycling around to each motor.

The motors will 'pulse' off at random times producing a 'twitch' in flight, not reproducible, and very random, more of a 'WTF was that' moment, and not even every flight.

It's almost as if I am getting 'Noise' in the system from somewhere. And yes, I have gone over all the electric's, all the connections, with a magnifying glass even, and studied every solder connection looking for dry joints. Nothing.

The XBee now gets bricked on a regular basis.

I should repeat that NONE of this was evident with 2.6, and reluctantly I must downgrade as a final solution until you guys at least acknowledge that there are issues with 2.7.1

But keep up the great work, this a really good system and your work to date admirable.

The same thing was happening to me and i fixed it by soldering the ESC bullet connectors and the ESC signal connections to the PDB. Also, try erasing EEPROM and resetting before uploading a new firmware, and, Always do an ESC calibration.

Good description of exactly my results. I have gone back and forth doing reset, erase, etc. and 2.71 always flies like you describe.

 I am not concerned, tho, because the UBlox gps and a little tuning have made 2.6 incredibly beautiful. My loiter is really accurate, and it hits waypoints smack on. I am happy to let the geniuses mull this over, but it is at a point that will be hard to beat.

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