ArduCopter 2.7.1 will become available on Mission Planner and in the downloads area shortly. This release contains a few important bug fixes as well as the first implementation of the MPU6000 sensor-fusion code. 

Detailed changes are in the commit log. Here's a summary:


- Preliminary support for MPU6000 on board sensor-fusion (DMP)

- AP_Limits: Experimental "bounce" mode, for smaller spaces (LIM_RECMODE)


- Bug fix for yaw error buildup on takeoff

- Fix in Auto mode for failsafe handling

- Fixes to 3-axis camera gimbal code

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So I've reverted back to 2.6.  All but two of the props are spinning properly.  I am not getting any signal from APM on channels 7 &  8 (see graph below):I've set the following parameters under the APM_Config.h but it looks like it's stuck in what seems to be a quad configuration:

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

Rigel: Erase your EEPROM in the CLI and reset: Setup/Erase, Setup/Reset

Then go through the MP config process again

And why are you using Arduino to load the code? It's much easier and straightforward to use the MP.

Chris:  Thank you for your reply.  I erased the EEPROM and also did a factory reset twice prior to uploading the code, but I'll try it again.  The only reason I used the Arduino IDE was to be able to revert to an earlier version of ArduCopter since MP only let's you load the latest version.

I'll give it another shot using MP and ArduCopter V2.7.1 and will post the results.

Chris:  No luck.  I went through the CLI and reset: Setup/Erase, Setup/Reset then loaded ArduCopter V2.7.1 for hexa via MP.  I'm getting no response out of output channels 7 & 8.  The weird thing is that I'm getting the same result when reverting to V2.6...any chance the update may have somehow affected APM?

Hello Rigel,

I got the same Problem on my Quadro, only 2 Props spin, erease epprom an reload the Firmware, and Restart the APM (Power Off) this Works for me.

What’s the easiest way to find out what version of firmware I have loaded? I have several APM2’s (3) and I forget what’s loaded?

Thanks again toall the devs, just come back from a roadtrip holiday with our SteadiDrone QU4D and H6X, flying 2.7, and no issues at all. Just loaded 2.7.1 onto our big SteadiDrone EI8HT and test lifted 8kg, flies perfect :)

Will post some videos and images soon.

Rigel, do you have APM1 or 2?  I just ask because APM2 uses Ch 1-6 for a Hexa.  APM1 is Ch1-4, 7,8.  I wonder if you're mixed up about the channel assignments, or somehow are uploading for the wrong APM ?

Hi all,after a loooog break i am trying to connect via MP to my 2560 board with no succes (the board has not been previously used).Another way to upload firmware, if i rememner well was via Arduino but i cannot find some instructions, can someone give me a clue ? A video tutorial will be great. Thank you.


Alex, you need to load the firmware before connecting. Just click on the vehicle type you want in the firmware screen.

Chris, many thanks, it is working now.

I wait your videos, bests bro!


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