ArduCopter 2.7.1 will become available on Mission Planner and in the downloads area shortly. This release contains a few important bug fixes as well as the first implementation of the MPU6000 sensor-fusion code. 

Detailed changes are in the commit log. Here's a summary:


- Preliminary support for MPU6000 on board sensor-fusion (DMP)

- AP_Limits: Experimental "bounce" mode, for smaller spaces (LIM_RECMODE)


- Bug fix for yaw error buildup on takeoff

- Fix in Auto mode for failsafe handling

- Fixes to 3-axis camera gimbal code

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Something similar happened to me a while ago. Was your battery fully charged? Mine wasn't.

Do you fly with a battery alarm?

Are your ESC cables soldered?

Are your ESC signal cables soldered to the ESC? This will also get rid of glitching while flying. It took me a year to find this one out. and many broken props. The 30$ kind.

Yes all of my connections we're good. I have been flying for about a month with no issues. I think it was firmware but I have not gone thru my log fully yet. My bat was freashly charged too. Hope to figure it out and get flying again soon.

Hi there,

this weekend I gave the 2.7.1 an outdoor try, wind was very calm. I fly in stablize mode, every 10 to 15 seconds the motors spin up, the copter raises 2 or 3m, I immediately reduce throttle. The copter is a Quadrixette40 with 1000kv motors. How can I correct that?


I"m having the same problem too...apparently it has something to do with ROI function but ROI in flight planner didn't work for me. The copter kinda tried to point to 1 direction but it rotates 180 degrees as soon as it flies past that point (eg: more like maintaining heading until it reaches that point then turn around 180 degrees again)

altitude wise, it's a nightmare when I used ROI. The thing basically just keeps falling to the ground and I have to interfere every single time to keep it from hitting the ground.

Anyone else with any idea please help?

I am setting up the optic sensor and like to know what is the angle width of the lens. I am fixing it to a leg strut at 200mm up from the ground. The bottom leg cross beam is about 100mm of to the side where the optic sensors center focus point hits the ground. Will this leg strut interfere with the sensor and be in its field of view? Also does the optic sensor work together with the sonar?

Just check the wiki, it will tell you how to show a preview of what the optical sees.  Also yes as far as I know it is compatible with sonar.  I mean the altitude is factored into the optical flow calculations I think, so sonar seems like it would complement optical flow well.  I've heard though that APM2's barometer is pretty good and you might not need sonar.

Thanks Stephen. I'm using APM1 . I suppose I should also be able to see what it does in sensor view in MP somewhere as well

In normal mode, perform spins and quick to view the behavior,
I must emphasize that maintains the height without activating this function.

I was quite happy with the 2.5.5, the following versions did not do for me. Now I ordered a Naza, should be the best choice for FPV and to enjoy the remaining time this year until I have to put a coat and gloves on to fly. Next year I will build a third copter and give ArduCopter another try. See you then...

I have trouble with compiled version using arduino ide.
With firmware from mission planner, everything seem to be fine.
If I compile from taged version, the gimbal is not working.
If I add patch and compile it, 2 motors start to spin after a few time. And then APM seems frozen.
I was so afraid that I does not fly anymore.

Does anyone have the same issue where selecting Arducopert Config button in Mission planner configuration widow doesn't work? I have the 1.2.4 installed. I did uninstall it and reinstall it again, but same issue. Strange thing though, it works ok on my desk top computer.  Both have Win7. I need it to work on my laptop so I can tweak the PIDs in the field so any ideas why this would happen?

Do you have wireless, It has to be connected first before config will work. it works on my Acer Netbook

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