In just a short while, ArduCopter 2.7 will become available for download in Mission Planner. As we worked on ArduCopter 2.6.1, we saw that it had several new and compelling features (as well as many bug fixes and improvement) so it was decided to make this a major version release. 

A full list of changes is here, but they include:


New and Improved:

  • NEW: 3-axis camera stabilization
  • NEW: AP_Limits library: Altitude limits and geofencing.
  • NEW: Automatic Flip (Roll axis) is now enabled on Channel 
  • NEW: GPS lag estimator
  • NEW: the quad first rise vertically to the "ALT_HOLD_RTL" altitude (if declared) when engage RTL
  • Better altitude control in ALT_HOLD and better altitude transitions
  • Better loiter, rtl and auto missions, especially with the new 3DR uBlox GPS. Check out my video above!
  • Better yaw control
  • Better DCM implementation, resulting in noticeably smoother flight
  • Better velocity control in Auto missions
  • Etc


  • Fix to dataflash erasing, which should resolve an issue some users were having
  • Fix some MAVLink commands
  • Fix Circle command
  • Fix some units
  • Etc


No more 1280 support (out of program space)
Know issue:
- throttle stick during loiter need better rpm range


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Marco - Why are your mag headings all 0?

Hey, i am testing jdrones hexa 880 kv for altitude hold using arducopter 2.7 on apm2. I want to test the altitude hold in my backyard that is not a big area. I may rise the arducopter to a height of 10-12 feet. The wiki recommends 20 m height for the first time testing of altitude hold. Can i do the first altitude hold testing on my standard jdrones kit at 10 ft? I have an onboard sonar.

Yaw update.... Large Tri  2.7   Yaw far better now...

does not over shoot and I get the rate I want for hard coordinated turns.

Had to change one parm in half because 2.7 is trying hard to get the yaw right... from 12 to 6...

I was doing some tweaking of the camera setup this evening and came up with a question - does the CAM_R_TRIM do anything anymore? I can adjust the midpoint by tweaking the CAM_R_MIN and CAM_R_MAX values, but changing the actual midpoint value via CAM_R_TRIM doesn't seem to do anything. It worked in 2.6.

Am I missing something?

Yeah Peter, i've found same issue during beta testing and I immediately reported to the development team with accurate logs but being an isolated problem of a few was not taken into account (for now).
But how often it has happened many problems reported then became public knowledge when he released a new release, i'ts normal.
I still have these "randomly surging"......... :-(

Earlier I reported my problem "can't get flight data from APM1". I have solved this problem.

Here is description of my solution: 

Hi Guys,
Will try to answer as many questions as possible.

It happens here immediately(ie. in Stabilize) reacts like too high gyro gain, but observable while firmly on the ground well below take-off rpm which I though would have ruled out gyros and their associated settings. It is perfect on V2.6

I've Uploaded this clip which explains the problem better, Listen to the sound track carefully. it is bad enough to be immediatly noticible, especially after the smooth response with V2.6.

My dataFlash has not behaved well since V2.6, I erased the dataFlash before the video test above(using cli), and enabled MOTORS in the cli(using 'enable MOTORS'). But can't see the results here, CTUN shows Throttle_in. Should I be looking at Angle_boost!

Now I see that although I erased the dataFlash before the test flight. Have just downloaded card now and it shows a KMZ file from sometime last week, (about 4 sessions ago...  Obviously I need to get to grips with this dataFlash card...

Hi all,

I'm on holiday in Croatia and took my quad with me ;-)

I've loaded the recent 2.7 and flew a bit.

It was very good but I felt like 2.6 was smoother for me. ALt hold in 2.7 is great but when I switch to loiter its very twitchy compared to 2.6. I hope this has'nt gotto do with buying a new GPS. Still flying with meditek.

The rest off the feature testing will be for next week.

Thx to the dev team for their dedication and free time.

Yes Vincent, yestarday i have play a lot again with MTK and i agree, there's a lot of thitchy compare to 2.6 or U-Blox gps unit with 2.7.

Marco, Just for the record, did you have the U_Blox as an add-on through the external gps port or was it mounted on the pcb like the standard MTK?

Hi Pete,

if you look at Marco's video you will see it on the top plate as an add on :-)

Thank's Graham, I missed that!

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