In just a short while, ArduCopter 2.7 will become available for download in Mission Planner. As we worked on ArduCopter 2.6.1, we saw that it had several new and compelling features (as well as many bug fixes and improvement) so it was decided to make this a major version release. 

A full list of changes is here, but they include:


New and Improved:

  • NEW: 3-axis camera stabilization
  • NEW: AP_Limits library: Altitude limits and geofencing.
  • NEW: Automatic Flip (Roll axis) is now enabled on Channel 
  • NEW: GPS lag estimator
  • NEW: the quad first rise vertically to the "ALT_HOLD_RTL" altitude (if declared) when engage RTL
  • Better altitude control in ALT_HOLD and better altitude transitions
  • Better loiter, rtl and auto missions, especially with the new 3DR uBlox GPS. Check out my video above!
  • Better yaw control
  • Better DCM implementation, resulting in noticeably smoother flight
  • Better velocity control in Auto missions
  • Etc


  • Fix to dataflash erasing, which should resolve an issue some users were having
  • Fix some MAVLink commands
  • Fix Circle command
  • Fix some units
  • Etc


No more 1280 support (out of program space)
Know issue:
- throttle stick during loiter need better rpm range


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yes i see that in the instructions for the optic sensor how to view what it sees. I though for me who has limited time would be faster to ask anyone who has experience. No issue about the contention, just I didn't see anywhere whether both can be used together or not. Thanks for you help.

Sorry to re-post this here but I really need some help with this

I have a new Xbee pro adapter from Jdrones I am having trouble to work withe the Xbee pro XBP09-DP module.

I know its not the module that is the issue because I have another adapter that the module works fine with. I have tried both the baud 57600 and the 9600 but I always get the popup instruction to push the rested button. Ive tried the reset using a jumper to connect the GRD and RESET on the adapter board but nothing happens.

I have followed the instruction in wiki how to reset/unbrick the adapter and module to reset the firmware. But nothing works.

I am using the FDTI cable. When I plug this in I get a blue LED on right top side of the adapter that lights up which seems normal compared to my working Xbees. When I open X-CTU and click Test/Query a green LED to the top left of the adapter blinks for a few seconds and then goes solid green when the "Action Required" box pops up. When I close the popup box the green LED goes off. That's as far as I can get it to go.

Ive tried to upload the firmware from my other Xbees, but nothing works because the X-CTU cant communicate with this adapter. Any idea why this isn't working and how to reset the adapter (not the module)? Note, this all works fine using the FTDI cable on my other two Xbees.

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