I now have 2.8.1 code working for TradHelis. For anybody who has not been following along, this now brings attitude rate control to TradHelis for the first time. When combined with Leonard and Randy's Earth to Body frame rate rotation algorithm, the performance is excellent! Please watch this video, and remember this is a flybarless 450 heli. Normally these fly like a rabid squirrel!


Sorry about the shakiness and my daughter's commentary, she had to come out with mommy and daddy. ;)

It is now really easy to fly around very sporty, yet precisely even at high speeds. It has no nasty tendencies. There are a few spots where I zoomed upward, but that was completely intentional.

The only weakness I can see is an occaisional "bobble" of the pitch axis at high speeds, but this is actually present with many professional FBL controllers. I may be able to tune it out yet.

There is still ongoing work, but it's looking really promising!


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Manfred, Thanks again for your param.

Few question:

1) According to your param settings, are your running a FBL heli??

2) Also not using an external GPS??

Looks like I'm getting close to test it on my test stand. After that, out to the field when it warms up some.


I’m running a FBL heli and an external GPS, everything works perfect.

Will post in the next days the whole setup with  pictures and a few new ideas.

It's basically going to change *everything*.  Not much will remain the same.  Not even your servo settings, because we fixed a bug with the min/max collective.


Yes I thought so, because of this I’m not too fussy about the parameters, but the 600 flies already much better than the 450, absolutely no vibration on the avionics box.

Happy New Year


Be looking forward to your info.



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