Warning #1: PX4/Pixhawk users upgrading from AC3.1.5 (or earlier) may need to re-do their compass and accelerometer calibration because AC3.2 also uses the backup compass and accels.  Pre-arm checks have been added to ensure this has been done.

Warning #2: on the APM2.x the logs must be downloaded using MAVlink instead of the terminal.

AC3.2-rc14 is now available for BetaTesters through the mission planner’s Beta Firmwares link.  The full release notes can be found in ReleaseNotes.txt and changes from -rc13 can be seen below.

     Feel free to raise issues found during testing on this discussion or in the new support section in the APM Forum.

     It’s a big release with “the onion” restructure and a bunch of new features (including these 57 closed items) so we need to re-test almost everything including all flight modes, all mission commands and all the new features.  Marco and I will be maintaining (and adding to) this testing list.  Issues reported will first be checked by Jonathan, Marco and I and then confirmed bugs/issues will be put on the github issues list (and then hopefully fixed).

     Thanks especially to the beta testers who put their copters at risk testing each release.  Enjoy!

Changes from 3.2-rc13
1) Safety Features:
     a) fail to arm if second gyro calibration fails (can be disabled with ARMING_CHECK)
2) Bug fixes:
    a) DCM-check to require one continuous second of bad heading before triggering LAND
    b) I2C bug that could lead to Pixhawk freezing up if I2C bus is noisy
    c) reset DCM and EKF gyro bias estimates after gyro calibration (DCM heading could drift after takeoff due to sudden change in gyro values)
    d) use primary GPS for LED status (instead of always using first GPS)

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What version of AC and MP are you using?

If it wasn't flying okay in alt-hold or loiter, you shouldn't have tried any auto mission to be honest.

It will most likely be your vibration (especially z axis) issue. 

Go to Advance Parameters> LOG_BITMASK and make it "default + IMU" then save.

Get your copter up in a stable hover in stabilize mode (Do NOT use alt-hold or loiter). 

Fly a minute or less and land. Then post the dataflash log here so we can check the vibration level.

But make sure you fly in calm winds and you have to let the copter in hover by itself (kind of hands-off hover) to get accurate vibration reading...




Did you see a bad sat count prior to your change? I seem to see a decent sat and hdop just doesn't act like it. Maybe the sat data comes and goes with the interference? Anyway I will move the receiver and cross my fingers. Thanks guys

There was a discussion about the X8R interfering with GPS here


Thanks. I moved the X8R it made no difference so I don't think that has anything to do with my problem. 

Okay I give up. Pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my quad started toilet bowling and 'flying off' in all directions. I had it all dialed in flying nice but had a prop break in mid flight probably 20 meters up. Had a hard landing but nothing horrible. I get home and decide to upgrade to my shiny brand new taranis and X8R. I also upgraded to the last 3.2  but now I'm having problems. Should not have done so much at once now I'm not sure what the problem is. I simply cannot reliably get poshold to work well anymore it just seems twitchy and often just starts wandering off. It used to hold position within a couple meters easy. I re-did the calibration and compass calibration several times. I keep getting insane high reading on the internal compass.. I have no idea why. If somebody could look at this log and find any clues I'd really appreciate it. It is a 3Dr pixhawk. Ublox7 w/ compass. X8R receiver with Teensy.


Mmm, interesting.   I've been using the 1.3 Vtx with the APM for two years now.  But I did reduce the size of the tricopter arms which moved it closer and so that makes sense.

On the ppm issue I'll look into the settings in Opentx and the micro Rx.   

Hello Alex

Thanks for taking the time to help.

To answer a few questions,

Set PID's back to default

Their is foam over the Barometer sensor

Increased  INS_MPU6K_FILTER to 10 the 20. Default 0. Noticed slight improvement

Note INS_MPU6K_FILTER set back to 0 for log

Throttle set to mid

Props balanced

Balance of copter good. Hung by string at mid point.

Still pulses in alt and loiter

Log attached Default + IMU

Hope this helps

Cheers John H

New Zealand

Logs attached ti

his time

Both compasses have high offsets. GPS modes need a good compass reading.

If you look at the GPS plot you will see your copter flew into the trees a couple of times.  I'm sure that did not happen.  I think because of the trees the GPS is getting distorted causing position drift issues.  I have already had it happen while landing near my house to have the copter come right at me very fast because the GPS suddenly drifted into my house and the copter reacts be moving in the opposite direction.

Try flying in an open area free of obstructions and see if the same thing happens.  Otherwise you need to get above the tree line and hope it doesn't fly away.

Also the GPS subsystem reported a number of glitches during your flight.  Also EKF reported issues as well.

Your right about the high MAG values and offsets.  Don't know what that is.

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