Hello everyone (Im new), ive been vigorously researching and finalising what components id need to build my own quadcopter

Id like to know if the DJI Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal is compatible with Arducopter 2.5? The Naza controllers are just way too expensive and ive need the most stable gimbal for video filming and so far the zenmuse h3 2d has come out on top. The price is steep but as a professional image quality is everything!

Will add a discussion tomorrow about the setup im intending to build


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What are you trying to do? The gimbal control board takes care of the gimbal leveling. You cannot connect it directly to the APM that is for servo controlled gimbals which is now old tech.  You can connect the gimbal control board to a couple channels on your RC receiver for pitch and roll manual control that would over ride the normal gimbal anytime you want.

Not a problem Reegan the wiki has some good info on this stuff if you just do a search for it. Good Luck and have fun.

dji zenmuse is not compatible with any other controller than dji's own

Jaan what are you talking about? He can easily run the gimbal you don't need a Naza to run this gimbal. Its a brush-less gimbal.  Reegan  you can use it the APM has nothing to do with it. Its all about what receiver and open channels you have if you want manual tilt/roll and the gimbal board takes care of the stabilization period look it up you will find the info.

Hopefully you have experience flying. Before you fly with expensive equipment you need to be sure you can fly well and safely. Even with all the automatics you still need flying skills.

Get yourself a Disco, or 330 and fly that first. Please.

You will crash, regardless of how "un-stupid" you are. I have a 146 IQ, have a professional risk background and I've still crashed a lot. For every reason you though you never would, and for a number where you never even expected.

Even if you crash "safely", you will break stuff. Better to break cheap stuff until you stop breaking stuff...and that takes time and plenty stick time.

He maybe means using the FC input for refining responses. I know the Alexmos board takes an APM feed, but for the life of me, I've never actually seen a video stability improvement because of it (in fact it makes it worse).

Or maybe that's not what he means.


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