Hopefully someone here can shed some light on what might be going on here.  Occasionally when I am flying my Arducopter, it "bucks" wildly and then settles down again.  It is as if one or two of the motors speed up quickly and then slow down.

Is this an ESC issue?  A battery issue?  An issue with the Arduino?

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Are you using bullet connectors from the ESCs to the motors?

Yes, there were bullet connectors on each of the motors as well as the ESC's when they arrived.  Should I just replace those with a Deans or hard solder the motor to the ESC?

There should be three wires, so a deans connector will not work. I would throw a touch of solder on each of the bullet connectors. You will most likely have to trim back a little bit of the plastic that covers the connector.

Yes, 3 duh...so it sounds like they are just loose then?  Is this a common issue?

Well... they don't necessary have to feel loose to create problems. Yes, it is a common issue. A lot of folks use bullets and they don't always cause problems but it is definitely a good place to start.

Awesome, thanks for your time and help...I will try it and see if it fixes the issue!

My pleasure. Good luck and fly safe!

You didn't say what radio gear you are using.

If it's Futaba check out the thread 'motor glitch's in flight'

I personally don't use ANY connectors on the motor side, even the signal and earth from the ESC are soldered to the PDB.

I do you Futaba.  Do you happen to know which thread, do you know the link?  I searched for a thread but I am getting a lot of results that don't seem to pertain to this issue.

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