My new ArduFlyer seems to have a problem with the output channel 3.


Here I documented the problem with my front left motor (channel 3) in a video:


It is not dependent of the motor or ESC, the same problem shows up when I switch the ESCs from another channel. It comes from the channel 3 of the Arducopter. I am just leaving the throttle at minimum and after about 1 minute the channel 3 begins to glitching and then failing. I try to restart it with the throttle and it worked for a moment. But then it fails permanently.
The motors spinning up starting at about 0:55 is not induced by the remote, but by the Arducopter. Is that normal?

When I disconnect the battery and cool the Arducopter with an ice-spray, it works again for a minute or so.

Can I change the firmware to output the signal from channel 3 to a different channel? (channel pins 5 or so?)

Thanks a lot!


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I am having the exact same issue. I have swapped out motors and ESCs with no change. I have changed out the APM and still have this issue. did you figure out the problem?


Hi Chris

I changed the Arduflyer for an Ardupilot 2.5. Did fix the issue for me.

I sent the Arduflyer back to RC timers, wrote 120 E-Mails, waited 14 month and got it replaced.

Best Regards!


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