I've been working on this for nearly 10 hours straight, so you can't say I've haven't done research before posting. I recently built a f550 with APM 2.6 FC. I've been having a few problems trying to get it to fly. I've discovered that motor output 1 isn't working correctly. When Output 1 spins up, its spins up much slower than the others, causing it to flip. I've switched around to other outputs, and the motor and esc work fine. If I take a separate pair, they spin up slow if their on output 1, so I know that's the problem. I've tried to find a way to recode the firmware to replace output 1 with output seven. I replaced the add_motor(AP_MOTORS_MOT_1(to 7),   0, AP_MOTORS_MATRIX_YAW_FACTOR_CW,  1); value in /library/ap_motors/ap_motorshexa.cpp. I've tried four different methods for compiling over and over, each with different errors and problems. http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/building-ardupilot-for-apm2-x-on-wind... http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/building-ardupilot-apm-with-visual-st... http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/building-ardupilot-with-arduino-windo... also http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/building-ardupilot-with-arduino-windo...                I've managed to get firware installed on the apm, but now it doesn't connect to the mission planner. I try to build it with visual studio, but all files get converted from pde, to cpp and visual studio wont open them as a project. Using the px4 environment either causes error message about "there needs to be only one arducopter.pde" or an end flag error in mission planner. I guess I need help, if anyone knows anyway to help me. Thanks. -Hans

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Sadly I don't really have a solution. I've bump into the compile problem for APM2.x long time ago, and seems the developer simply stop supporting the version. Maybe you want to check the like below and the link in its reply, but I don't think that will help too much.....

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