I'm starting this discussion since there's a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge about PID settings and control theory, so, you can find here a table with several different frames, multycopter types and firmware versions in order to let you start flying and tuning your copter. Be aware that this are not rigid values. Each person has it's own configuration and flying preferences, but, if you have an identical configuration, you may start using those values and tune them for yourself. If you'd like to share your configuration, specs and settings, as well as flying tests, weather conditions and videos, I'll try to keep it up to date.


 Ok, I have inserted a googledocs file, never worked with this before :) It looks easy, here's the link



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Here is the youtube clip form yesterday where the  motors are making strange whirring noises. Sorry about the out of focus, but it was the sounds I was interested in others opinions.


If I want to make the throttle not so sensitive I assume I can do this by lowering the P in throttle, or should I use a setting in the RC transmitter? What are the pros n cons?

Thanks Don, I'll study this! 

I'm doing a lot of hand testing at the moment, currently with PIDT1. Igors instructions were really easy for me to follow and its given me a much greater understanding of whats going on. I've posted a vid of the results in the 2.2 thread. My intention is to do a couple of videos, one like Igor starting with Zero in all the params adding in rate_d first etc. The other starting with a very stable quad and showing what happens if you play with each setting. If its a good visual demo I'll post it for all to see. Then I'll have a go when the b6 or whatever it'll be called is available.

The hand test (with safety gear) is a very safe way check that everything is Ok before you let her go. I had what i thought was a very stable quad - locked-in hover, but before i took it out i decided one more hand test... tried full throttle for a second - big shakes, so i backed off my rate_I and D, just very slighty and it settled right down under high throttle. Flies beautifully.

Thank you Chris, I will input these values as starting point for JDrones/3DR frames :)

Don, I'm not a control expert, I know what excessive RATE P do for example, as well as excessive THROTTLE P to my quad, but not in a general way, so, I thought I gather experiences and settings from different users to provide a starting ground for beginners and even as an option for those who are flying identical configurations but want a more stable bird today and a more agressive one tomorrow.

In my copter, I only notice change in mantaining altitude when tuning throttle P, the throttle input from the radio doesn't seem to be affected. I think you can adjust the curve of throttle on your radio, maybe it's not configured for linear, and if it's expo, you will notice stronger responses at lower throtlle positions and as it grows, it sort of softens. Might be the response curve on your ESCs also, mine are set with a linear curve, but don't forget motors are supposed to respond to disturbances like wind, the higher your STAB P is, the quicker and stronger that response will be, more "agressive", if you lower it, the copter will act lazy responding, wich in wind will lead to not responding immediatlly and the copter may be washed away untill you bring it back.

Thank Rui, Ill check the throttle curve on the RC then. It does seem to do what you suggested that expo does that is has strong response at the start and then eases of the further it goes up. It prefer if it was the other way around or at linear.

Hi Rui,

   I wonder if you can link to an open-access google document for ease of access to the spreadsheet? Just ensure you have master control of it.


Hi Rui, It's a good starting point for sure with people with similar setups and conditions for sure!

I'm working on a document for fine tuning that goes one step at a time, by flight mode that people can tune their own copter with. Basically pulling together information from the aeroquad link I came across, the flight mode tuning tips from the wiki (like this, this and this) and some of the tips from this.

in the v2.2 thread you comment that the channel 6 tuning modes have an error, all updating the same value as i understand it, is this error only present in v2.2 b6?

the next time i fly i would like to experiment with this as it seems a great way to see results quickly and start to understand how these terms affect flight.  regarding setting up a tuning value i understand its simply a case of using the tune command in cli:

setup > tune N

what is really not clear to me are the parameters available for tuning, can someone post a list? or perhaps include it as a second sheet in the google docs spreadsheet?



Hi James,

How to use channel 6 tuning isn't something that is specific to this release of code. Starting your own post would be better if you need help to learn how to use a feature... All the same, the details are on this page of the manual.

Scroll down, and look for "In flight tuning"

Yes version b6 has a small bug where both TUNE 1 and TUNE 4 are affecting RATE P and not STABILIZE P and RATE P as it should. It's just happening in this version and I believe it should be released a correction soon.

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