I'm starting this discussion since there's a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge about PID settings and control theory, so, you can find here a table with several different frames, multycopter types and firmware versions in order to let you start flying and tuning your copter. Be aware that this are not rigid values. Each person has it's own configuration and flying preferences, but, if you have an identical configuration, you may start using those values and tune them for yourself. If you'd like to share your configuration, specs and settings, as well as flying tests, weather conditions and videos, I'll try to keep it up to date.


 Ok, I have inserted a googledocs file, never worked with this before :) It looks easy, here's the link



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i have looked at the logs a bit, but really cant make much out of them - did you actually get into the air with those flights?

one thing that stands out in the logs are some very different pid values - so different in fact that i find it hard to compare them to my own.  how about posting your full .param file?

vibration can be a killer for APM - i had problems with "the leans" and solved them mounting the electronics on a sheet of "radio mounting foam" from my local rc shop (im sure its the same material as neoprene mouse mats sold at ten times the price)


well for the most part no. if i did it was only about 2-3 ft and then it went crazy and flipped over.


im going to try it again here in a bit. ereased everything and loaded 2.7.1. re cailbrated everything. changed a couple of settings. ive wondered about adding padding or something but it flew good when i first started doing this.

here is the list.


got a couple short flites in. when i get it up in the air, if i increase the throttle to keep it in the air is when it starts rocking. where the setting are now is better.one other thing is you cant be slow about getting it in the air. you kinda have to stab the throttle get it up and then try to keep it in the air.


i guess i need to take it apart again and change some stuff. then try it again. twist wires and add vibration damping.

Hello, I'm Steve and I have a quad copter with arducopter. My quad copter has propellers of 7" and my motors are from "hobby king" (ST 2004 Donkey. With all these my quad copter has problems with PID's and I'm a little bit fool, I don't know what I have to do.
Please help me.

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