I'm starting this discussion since there's a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge about PID settings and control theory, so, you can find here a table with several different frames, multycopter types and firmware versions in order to let you start flying and tuning your copter. Be aware that this are not rigid values. Each person has it's own configuration and flying preferences, but, if you have an identical configuration, you may start using those values and tune them for yourself. If you'd like to share your configuration, specs and settings, as well as flying tests, weather conditions and videos, I'll try to keep it up to date.


 Ok, I have inserted a googledocs file, never worked with this before :) It looks easy, here's the link



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I had the same problem except with no wind, and I lost the hex, I live near lots of water and did not have telemetry, but it got so far away I couldn't see it any more and could not find it. I ordered another and will try the settings of http://diydrones.com/forum/attachment/download?id=705844%3AUploaded... and hopefully that will work

Mission Planner is a saving grace for guys like me who dont understand a nut about technical language.... 

But Seriously, thanks to the DIY guys, made my own Quad from scratch, have installed APM2, and have reached a point where i have calibrated the ESCs, and check motors while giving control from my JR DSMX 11, and all motors responded perfect. i guess i have just one last check to do of accelerometers which i guess will be on mission planner before i take it out to launch....

So here my Thanks to all u guys, specially DIY lot,  the journey so far has been just super, i am only hoping there is no tuning to be done when i take her out to fly :-)

Ready for test flight, but before that do i need to do any calibration with mission planner for things like accelerometers.... 

And is it possible that the DIY development team make some kind of  friendly user interface on mission planner for tuning the machines instead of going through PIDs ??? which is scaring the hell out of me....

thinking that i will just go out and do the test flight.....

any suggestion anyone.... 

Hi Ramesh, congratulations :) however, sorry to disappoint you, there's ALWAYS tunning to be made !!! Why ? Because there are a great number of possible configurations. Your machine may even fly with the defaults, you may even be happy with the results, but as you gain confidence with it, you will notice that "something" may be improved. Also, your machine (as any) is flyable with a large ammount of different settings, you may prefer it more stable, or more agressive, you want to fly stable today but agressive tomorrow :) but rest assure, that will come naturally as you progress ! Best of lucks for your initial flights !


thanks a ton man, u just put in a lot of confidence into me for the test flight, i am just gonna test fly it as it is, and see what happens. so now i am confident she wont go out of control totally....... hope there is some place on this page i can put up a video of my test flight.....  :-)

Hope your test flight goes well.  I am currently waiting on a motor from 3drobotics and I too will be on my first test flight.  I look forward to seeing a video.


Many thanks

for my Quad i ordered 5 esc and 5 motors..... so that if one is bad i am still ready ..  :-)  

and hope u get ur motor sooooon, and wish u all the best also

take care dude.

Chris I have the 11" props.  with the 880 motors.  Is there a change I need to make?

don't forget to order a fist full of spare props as well Ramesh.  My first 3 flight I went through 12 props on my X8 quad.. The cartwheel it did along the ground for 4 meter cleaned off 6 in one  go on the 2nd flight.. Luck my frame is carbon fiber and bullet proof..

Any chance to get this updated Rui? 

OMG... u serious.... ok, luckily i ordered one full spare set, but they all plastic ones black and orange and have a lot of flexing,,,,, thinking of ordering APC, which should be a lot stiffer.....Thanks for the advise and warning....

I was lucky the local RC shop near me had the same size in stock so didn't have to wait for an order.

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