I wanted to start a conversation around the roll and pitch of Arducopter drifting as you fly.


The reason is I just assembled new hardware and problems that weren't there before have now shown up in a bad way. Flying indoors in a 5ft space I was able to get up to 30° error in roll and around 10-15° in pitch. I was able to control it and it flew perfectly level the whole time, I just had to hold the stick into the corner of the radio. Lading and waiting corrects the issue.


What could cause this. I had been flying an older version of the IMU this whole time. This version has an analogue filter for the gyros where the new hardware has it as an option. You must solder the pads around the gyros to enable them. I was also flying with two slightly tweaked motors giving off a lot of vibration. This could affect the accels. 


My question is: If you have a problem like this, what is the vibration level on your copter, and do you have the filter pads soldered? 


And notice I didn't say "loss of control" or "it didn't fly stable". I had control, and it flew perfectly. It just lost it's reference to the ground and I had to compensate with the stick. Had it been worse than 45° I would have lost control. 

There are three pairs of pads, each with a white outline. (look for GYRO-XY near the relay).

Jani Solders his to enable the filter. I have never flown this board until now. I will solder them to test the filters this week.


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I am flying Foxtrap era IMU and APM and see the issue. I have three layers of gyro foam under the APM, and minimal vibrations, but still see the loss of ground reference. Like your experience I still have control, but previous heli experience helps with that. (Bitter sweet, but I am glad you got to see it first-hand!)

I have very little vibration on my quad.... The props are balanced but I am not using foam underneath the APM. I am using 2 layers of foam pad on top of the baro which does have the effect of minimizing some vibration as the padding is compressed a tiny bit between the IMU and the shelf above it. The video that I shoot from the HDPro shows very little vibration... if any. The drift (I would prefer to call it "out of center") really manifests itself though after aggressive maneuvers.

I've been playing arround with Pid's today with the latest 23 code.

It seems that I'm having a similar problem keeping the quad in one place.

The HW has vibrationtape underneath and all props are nicely balanced.

Could this be the older foxtrap IMU. 

What do you mean with "You must solder the pads around the gyros to enable them"


Using the 527 pirate code the issue was a lot less.

@ Jason       Can u upload a few pics     1.) Gyro pads ?   How do we Identify older IMU's?
I experience this on every flight some flights worse than another's, but almost always after aggressive maneuvering where the quad is at an increased angle to the ground, 20 degrees or more.

Landing for a while works (I read that on another post somewhere and tried it).

Running 2.0.23 on a 2560 with mag, sonar on a stock Arducopter.
Props balanced, IMU padded, foam on baro sensor, etc.
You can see me trying to stabilize the quad after a fast run ( before the crash) I make a comment on the video that "I'm trying to control it" or something like that, look at the video Fast Crash at www.rofldrone.com


Hi Russell,

Here's the blog announcing the new revision and documenting the gyro filter pads- I hope it helps (you can see the pads in the topmost pic. when it's enlarged):



Did you solder the filter pads?
it s a news version?when will be available?
The blog is from September 16, 2010. It is announcing the latest version, Hotel.
Please quantify. Can you test both side by side?
No, filter pads not soldered. I will do that tonight and fly it again, but I need a photo showing where to solder, is there a description somewhere on what exactly solder?

Is this what U R talking about?


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