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There are MANY Mac fans here in the development community so my comments absolutely do not reflect that of DIYd or anyone else for that matter. But why didn't you just spend the $300 - $700 on a Windows laptop to begin with instead of $2,500 on a Mac? Paying $20 - $30 for a decent Mac native GCS might make a developer, what $1,000?


Imagine you're looking to develop a piece of software for a profit. One path will work for 80% of the computers out there (.NET for example). Another path will work for 9% of the computers out there (Whatever it is you develop in for OSX). A third option that works for absolutely nobody (anything cross-platform). Which one makes the most sense to work on?


I absolutely applaud you for asking the question. You HAVE to! It's absolutely mandatory that ALL insignificant OS users complain, and complain LOUDLY that you want a product for your OS. Otherwise, what was the point of buying that OS if nothing runs on it? So keep on trying!


For me, I have made myself a personal promise. No matter how big or how pervasive Apple and it's products become, I will never own one. My wife has an iPhone that her work reimbursed her for. The President of her company (at the time) was a big fan of Apple. She seems to like it. Me, I'm anti-Apple so I do as little with it as possible. I really miss my Android as my latest phone is a Windows Phone 8X (BIG mistake, I'm about to drop another $600 to get rid of this hunk of junk). I could always stick with my Windows Phone and just complain loudly in hopes things get fixed. But I'm not of the Apple/Linux mindset. I'm willing to cut my losses and go to what works instead of trying to get the OS to change to fit what I want to do.


But again, these are just my opinions....and I hate Apple.

Sounds like you are a religious fella......

I've used PC's since 1982 and Macs since 1984 and use a Macbook air most of the time. Yeah, I make a good living as a developer and writer too.....

Although you can fool yourself (in many ways) that I spent $2500, truth is I spend about a grand on my 13" macbook air - usually buying them on sale. I just sold one from 2 years ago for $800 and bought a new one for $1050 just to have a warranty and a little speed increase....

I did spend 1900 on a Mac Pro once - actually twice. The first was in 1999 and it's still working for my brother. The other was in 2008 and that one is working to beat the band with the latest OS. Impressive....that's a cost of about $30 a month, something I am sure you can't afford after dropping such big bucks on sucky phones....

"not of the linux mindset"....have to chuckle when most of this here interweb runs on it.....google too!

Oh, android and chrome are all "of that linux mindset". 

Lol - Noooooo....I get this in my day job; don't tell me "the holy wars" have spread onto DIYD! :-)


Anyway, I'd love for MP to be Mac available; if only to do log analysis and flight planning on. I have a 27" screen, which is perfect for the task. Hopefully MP's log analysis GUI will improve as well, so log analysis become much easier.


At the moment, I use a cheap Windows netbook as my "field" laptop, with MP running there. It works, but the screen is too small (or the GUI of MP too clunky to be used effectively). I am watching the advances with the android MP's with interest; with the built in GPS and 3G connectivity, MP style activities work well there and I look forward to using Follow me in the future.



But I'm not of the Apple/Linux mindset. I'm willing to cut my losses and go to what works instead of trying to get the OS to change to fit what I want to do.

Errr...you realise that Windows users have to do this more than mac users, yeah?

Ah, at last! I made it 5 months with my Windows Phone 8X. Never again. I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday. It's absolutely amazing. I vow to never own another Apple or Windows phone.


I really do hand it to the Linux and Apple fanboys. They are tenacious. The Linux guys especially because they actually have to write all their own software! The Apple fans just have to complain and complain and complain until someone finally writes something for them or they get Windows up and running on their device.


I just Googled i5 laptops and Windows based ones are $550 - $900. Apple based ones are $1,100 to $2,000. That's double...and for what? An OS that nobody uses?


The worst thing Apple ever did was giving a discount to schools to buy Apple computers. Schools that teach students to use Apple are handicapping their students right from the start. They're prepared to work at 9% of the jobs out there. Good job Apple and your local school system.

QGroundControl which is written using the Qt platform is being updated to with Mission Planner features work with ArduPilot. Qt will run on Linux/MacOSX/Windows

You really dont like mac much do you?

Have you ever actually used one?

If someone gave me one, free of charge, I would only have 2 uses for it. Doorstop and paperweight.

The last time I used an Apple was in Jr High School. The Apple IIe. I had a computer class on a Tandy-80. I believe a few of them actually had 5 1/2" floppy drives so we could save our "programs." Exciting stuff.

Try some of their modern stuff - it's actually pretty good, especially the laptops, even if all you do is run windows on it. Their laptops regularly top the charts for build quality, reliability and customer service.

But some people just hate Apple.

I strongly identify with your last sentence.

I hate yellow planes.

Never flown one, never built one, never owned one. Hate them anyway.

Hey, I'm with ya. If yellow planes are twice the price, don't do anything you need them to do, are only used by 9% of the people in the world (meaning you'll have to beg every developer in the world to write something for your obscure system) and the best thing you can say is "you can run Windows on it." (which begs the question, why in the world buy a mac?) Then by all means....don't buy a yellow plane!

I would make the case that counters all of your point here, but I won't convince you. You'll still hate macs.

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