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That is correct, you won't convince me....but you can try if you'd like. I always like debating with people with opposite points of view....as long as they don't choose to be offended.

"Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right"

You understand that OS X run's on top of the linux kernel right?  The price difference you end up paying is for the promise that your machine has been put through rigorous R&D, a demanding design and usability cycle, and the money is made up in many other ways. The mac line of computers enjoy continual yearly updates for typically less than 29 dollars, all the unix/bash goodness you could want, java/ruby/python/ pre-installed and optimized, a (testable) more efficient file system, more efficient thread delegator (GCD), optimizations direct to the metal that other operating systems cannot support. It all comes down to the fact that when you have a limited set of hardware to operate on, you can make it run very, very efficiently. 

Also up until windows 7, you had the overhead of the entire windows core sitting atop ancient 16bit drivers and an entire emulation stack. 

Just because your ignorant doesent mean you're right either ;) Sure you're entitled to your opinion, your opinion could be that it's january but you would still be wrong.

There are reasons that transcend personal preference to choose an operating system over another, but you seem to ignore all of them. I find that people that subscribe to one type of fanboyism over another are contrarians at heart. Besides UI querks, what makes mac's or OS X completely unusable for yourself? Please be specific as possible, I think once you drill down you will realize you're just being a dumb hipster... 

Your choice in OS is a religious decision for you. I understand that....and that's fine. I also completely understand the need for Mac zealots to ask for everything to run on a Mac. They're not programmers/tinkerers like Linux people. They're hipsters. They want to stick their nose in the air while sipping a Quad venti decaf no fat caramel macchiato at Starbucks and check their Facebook page on their Mac.

To each their own.

What makes it unusable for me? I have a job in the real world. I have to make my software work with business computers....which all run Windows. I have never worked for a company that had more than one or two Macs in the graphics or marketing department. Frankly, I wouldn't want to work for a company that had more Macs than that. That's probably the kind of place that has a wheatgrass vending machine and offered latte enemas during their lunch hour.

You might want to look into the definition of Hipster....because you're using it wrong. Your typical Windows user isn't into counter-culture, progressive politics or indie-rock. That's the Mac users among us.


@Paul I dont know what you're talking about "real business" or anything like that? Your choice of OS does not legitimize how "real" your business is. Credentials are meaningless and I wont go into them. I dont understand how the starbucks comment relates, and why you assume I am "religious" to a certain OS. I develop on a mac for "business computers" (assuming you mean windows) daily. My stack is Redis/Go for business logic, Storm written in clojure running on the CLR (.net) or the jvm(java) for concurrent data operations, then I pull everything into a nice AngularJS web frontend. It does CRUD operations for approx. 800 people at any given time, has been load tested to over 10,000 concurrent connections and typical response time is sub 1sec.

The beauty of the entire system is that as long as I have my GCC, the entire system is platform agnostic. I can run it on my mac locally or on the mix of local ubuntu boxes and Amazon Linux instances on aws. I can even run it on windows (with a few more headaches, no homebrew/macports for one, dealing with the banal gui's...) 

Once again the mentions of corporate culture are odd to say the least, especially the one about enemas? I can assure you much to my dismay the corporation I work for is rigid at its best, stifling at its worst. At least they (unlike some pure C#/.net shops I have worked for) allow me to use the best tool for the job. Gone are the days of WPF and sql clusters, I personally welcome the return to old paradigms (functional lisps and key-value stores).  

It's people like you that are going to find it difficult to adapt. I remember a time not too long ago where rampant hatred for apple was considered the in thing to do for pc hotrodders and scriptkiddies. Right arround the time I stopped copying my code from stackoverflow is when I realized platforms dont matter, it's what you create with them. Each has their benefits, swearing off one for no particular specific reason (what you did) just makes you look like an idiot. 

Fair enough. You should get started on a GCS for Mac.

Fanatics amuse me.

I started on an Apple II way back in 1979 or 1980. I quickly figured out that I couldn't afford to stick with Apple because of the high price of their peripherals. Sold it and the next Christmas my wife gave me a VIC-20. Go ahead, laugh if you want, but I learned 6502 assembly on it and quickly progressed to a Commodore 64. When Commodore introduced the Amiga 1000, I was second or third in line - now *that* was a machine before it's time, both hardware and OS wise. Unfortunately it's own whiz-bang custom chipset doomed it when the more-advanced video cards started coming out for Windows machines.

These days I use Linux. Why? It does everything I want (I no longer even dual-boot or use VirtualBox) and it's *free*! Besides, with the army of open source developers out there I don't have to yell and scream if I want something; usually if I look hard enough I'll find that somewhere someone else has written what I need - really cool. Not only that, but I can have my OS the way *I* want it, not shoved down my throat by some elitist clown!

Do I hate Apple? No, just their marketing and control methods. Do I hate Windows? No, just their pathetic bloatware. Do I really, really like Linux? You bet, and I've successfully converted others to it by showing it's (to me) obvious superiority.

Enough said - so go enjoy what you use and try not to be a dweeb about it, grin!

Cheers   :-)

shameless plug for any hipsters wanting to sip quad venti decaf and send the copter on a mission. Windows Phone version coming soon :-p

see http://www.communistech.com/blog/mavpilot-alpha-and-beta-test/ 

Wow...the anti-apple fanatics are out in force today. Deluded and misguided as always too, I see.
Or should I say "misinformed" as always. Most of the time they've never even used one...
Lol - nice one Bill.
Naturally Paul, sinces macs are crap, you won't want one of these to run Linux on...


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