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Looks like Apple's finally making coffee grinders. The hipsters will rejoice.

I fit firmly into that category. Never used one, never will.


Then you won't mind if we all just ignore your rantings then, given your criticisms are purely emotional, and not based on any imperical evidence or experience...

@Euan, I think you are taking Pauls comments way too seriously.  They are not rantings, they are in jest.

Paul has been a long time member and contributor, and not here as a troll.


Really? Normally my troll radar is pretty good. I'm re-reading his comments but it's still going off.

How do I recalibrate my troll detection PID's in MP again...?


Feel free to pop over to this hipsters to see some actual work being done on one of these. If it comes even close to matching a red rocket on performance, it'll be a bargain.

That's if you're not too busy spending 3 weeks debugging a video driver problem or rebuilding your kernel or searching for which version of xorg.conf is loaded....etc.

There is no doubt I'm trolling this thread. It's a religious discussion and there are no winners...and I'm clearly poking the bear.

I'm hoping Euan and basshead get together and create a GCS that runs native on a Mac....but I doubt that will ever happen.

PS, I hate Apple :)

Yellow planes suck. :)
Thanks for making me sound like a liar, Happy.

I hate Macs too, but I pretend my iDevices don't count!

lol, sorry.... I appreciate the support.

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