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Them there are fightin' words! Too bad I put that one in a tree and crushed it trying to get it down.

We may need a separate forum for "more evolved" Windows users.  As for me, well, I blame Steve Jobs.  He is robbing me blind even from the grave, and his products are conditioning my wife and children to use only Apple products.  Look out GE, GM, and Boeing.  I expect my kids to drive MacMobiles or iCars when they go to college and kit out their first house with new Apple kitchen appliances (iFridge, iOven, iDishes).  

I get that this is a joke thread however I may as get my 2 cents worth in.  I also started on Apple II with 16K of memory however I did not touch an Apple again until a few years ago when I got an iPhone.  Since then I have done the switch and not regretted it.

Apple made the stunning realisation that people use computers for things.  In business 95% of them make black marks on pieces of paper and at home they listen to music, surf the net etc.  If the business computer can't make black marks on pieces of paper or at home cannot surf the net then no matter what you wrap around your Mach kernel, be it Windows or OSX or Gnome, it is crap.

This is what the religous people miss.  Most people don't know or care what is under the hood.  Someone in Apple realised that listening to music was the idea, thats what people wanted to do, and the easier we make it for them to do this the more units we will sell - and the rest is history.  The Zune may have been better technically however the iPod fitted into a system that made it easy to buy music, in a way the record companies would accept, and listen to it.

Similarly with the iPhone it makes it easy to make phone calls and send text messages and fits into an easy app store ecosystem and the rest is history here as well.  Other companies saw the light and copied it so we now have Android unix on phones as well as iOS unix and an App store and Google Play.  Apple created the App store and others have followed that model because it works.

Which is where Linux, in its multitude of distros, misses out.  Yes it is superior however personally I do not want to spend the 14 days it takes to get it working right on my PC.  If we chose OSs on technical ablity we would all be using OS/2 and Windows 3.1 would never have seen the light of day.  However Gates and the boys swindled IBM, took the code and ran and dressed up the pig that was Windows, made it look pretty, and gave lavish lunches and convinced people to buy a rotted pig that was Windows because it was dressed up as pork.  Meanwhile the operating system that actually worked, OS/2 that IBM and MS were supposed to work on together lanquished in the back rooms because IBM could not design a UI or market anything if the company depended on it (which it did actually - IBM nearly went under).  The first windows OS that actually worked was Windows 2000.

I use Apple now because it works.  Computers are not my hobby and I want them to work.  I work in IT and fix peoples (Windows) problems all day.  I like the ecosystem for apps and music and while apple delivers I will buy.  I also like the quality of apple products and will pay the premium for design because it works for me.  I also have a Dyson vacuum cleaner for the same reason.

However I have use Google for my Internet ecosystem.  I use Chrome on all my devices because the tight integration between browser, bookmarks and mail works for me on all my devices, windows, iOS or OSX.  I just bought a google nexus tablet for $140 and I love it.  I need it because I am running AndroPilot and DroidPlanner and it works a treat and I love it.  I will not be buying an iPad as for this application, flying a drone, the Android has what I need.

Rabbiting on about the OS gets people where they are now - writing on blogs.  Realising that people use computers for things makes you a billionare.

I have MP running on bootcamp on my MacBookPro as are all of the low population interest group software programmes, which as Paul Mather quite correctly points out are unlikely to be ported to Mac. Use the MAC native bootcamp or Parallels desktop which is a VM that can run all the other non MAC OS variants.

The MAC in all its current forms is the best PC ever.

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