I am in the process of ordering the ArduCopter HEXA 3DR Electronics Kit.

What else is needed other than the HEXA 3DR Kit, Radio and Batteries to get this up and flying?

What are the recommended batteries?  for powering motors and electronics.

I already have a Spektrum DX7 radio with a AR6200 receiver

Have I missed anything else?

Thanks in advance

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A 3600mah LiPo is a good fit. 

Great thanks for the info!

I am looking for a 3.7V 3600mAh Li-polymer battery 10C cell or similar correct?

Would a 5000mah work better for longer flight times?

Do I need a separate battery to power the electronics (motor noise, errant signals)?

Is there any other equipment NOT in the kit that I need?

Thanks in Advance!


Hello All

I am trying to order this today 03-22-2012.

I emailed sales@3drobotics.com with these questions on Tuesday but I have never gotten an answer.

I am trying to find out what else besides the kit do I need to make this all complete?

Please any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


https://store.diydrones.com/Arducopter_3DR_B_Electronics_Kit_p/kt-a... this kit right?

No you need a 3 cell 11.1 volt 2200-5000mah pack. The boards minimum voltage is 5 volts (standard logic level) so obviously a single 3.7 V cell would not even power the boards, let alone the motors.

I would get an extra set of props and I had the best luck with the 12inch black ones, but for the 850kv motors they say use 10inch black props.

The kit has everything you need to fly and with your radio you should be set.

In theory, the APC grey props might give a little more lift and or be stronger than the black props.

I would get an extra set of props and maybe get the 10 inch grey ones just to try out.

Don't forget a good balancing charger when you buy the battery.


Again the kit has all the electronics you need for basic flight. The only add-on is the sonar module but that's for maintaining better altitude control within about 10 feet of the ground. Otherwise, it's using the barometer for anything >10feet.


No, I am getting The HEXA.


Does this kit include the APM 1 or APM 2?

Any suggestions on the charger?

Thanks in advance!


Sorry, my fault (you are gettingthe hexa kit)but the same answer, it included everything , plus 3 extra aluminum arms just in case.

I'm of the thought you're buying the hexa to lift something so bigger battery is better and would go with 5000mah from the start. Or add the y-power splitter and get two 2200-2500mah packs so you could put the packs side by side to fit say around a camera gimbal or whatever paylaod you are trying to carry.


APM 1.0 not the newer 2.0

I assume you're buying the battery and stuff from hobby king?



Turnigy is a good brand, and you probably want to charge more than one battery at a time so I would get one with multiple channels. The higher the wattage the more sets of batteries you can charge and faster as well. Most batteries recommend charging at 1C (1 times the battery capacity) in Amps so a 2500mah is charging at 2.5 amps 11.1 volts = ~30 Watts, 2 batteries would be almost 60watts but newer batteries claim a 2C-5C charge rate, thus a 150watt rated charger isn't a bad idea. These chargers require a 12volt DC power source of greater rating thus a 200 watt supply is about right for 150watt charger.

This 4 port charger sounds good, 50watts per port, and allows you to see each battery by itself. the power supply is linked at the bottom of the page.


I do not have this charger and thus cannot vouch for it, but generally trust hobby king and this has the correct specs.


Also, this page is a great read up on batteries


Also, if you really want APM 2.0, and it does have better sensors than APM1.0, then get the hexa frame kit with motors, and either buy the APM 2.0 from this guy in this thread or order one from the store.


But maybe that just sold?

Funny part is, the old APM1.0 combo was $250 (oilpan sensor board, ardupilot board,GPS, and magnetometer ) where the new APM 2.0 has all that stuff soldered to the board for $200. They are just in high demand.

The frame kit plus motors is the same stuff, and then the APM2.0 has the rest of what you need.







is what you need for a Hexa APM2.0 kit.

Then I would get this y-splitter and some extra Deans plugs to solder up the power side of things.



Highly recommend you get the telemetry kit.



I've recently bought a 3DR quad from them and got a bad ESC and had difficulty getting an RMA so I had to order another. 
I've gone thru 4 props (APC)and bent one motor shaft, so I had to order a couple of motors(850kv), one for a backup as the shaft itself isn't available and is difficult to press out without damaging the motor housing. 
And one arm also. I'm an experienced rotor and airplane rc pilot, so there is my recommendations. 

It sure would be great if there were a different shipper available!

I also had my batteries shipped from GROVER BEACH, CA on the same day as my Hexa 3DR kit and they showed up on monday.

FedEx is saying their shipment id not going to be here till Thursday?!?

I had a package with an Arduimu V3, the constantly out of stock optical flow sensor, and a few other items get lost by FEDEX. DIY drones made it right and sent another order with the exact same parts overnight. They (DIY Drones) have been really good to me.

I've had screwups before but never had Fedex loose a package. I don't know what's going on but their service if not what it used to be. That said, I am surprised you had trouble with an RMA at the store. They have been amazingly helpful.

Guys, I might take the opportunity of this 3DR conversation to ask few questions. Currently finishing to build my 3DR hexa, got to the point of connecting the ESCs to the PCB and motors, few interrogations with that:

- how do you ensure that your motor turns in the right direction (clock or anti clockwise) ? does it depend on the way you connect the 3 ESC blue wires to each red-blue-black motor wires ? Can I make an easy test of each motor separately, to see if it runs ok and in which direction it runs ?

- in the kit I ordered, I was given some 20amp ESC for 880 motors. However I see that other are using 30amp ESC for same motors... what would be the consequence of having 20 instead of 30amps ? is this safe ?

Any help appreciated, I feel I'm very close to the end of my build but currently stuck with these interrogations.. 

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