I am in the process of ordering the ArduCopter HEXA 3DR Electronics Kit.

What else is needed other than the HEXA 3DR Kit, Radio and Batteries to get this up and flying?

What are the recommended batteries?  for powering motors and electronics.

I already have a Spektrum DX7 radio with a AR6200 receiver

Have I missed anything else?

Thanks in advance

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Manu: Yes, you just switch any two wires to change direction. This is in the manual. The 20 amp ESCs are fine.

Thanks Chris, very helpful, should probably have read that part....

Last one (for now!), is it written anywhere in which order each motor/esc should be hooked to the 3DR Hexa PCB (signal wires and power wires)? can't seem to find that anywhere.... tx

well it looks like the answer to my question is on the same page of the manual :-)

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