My Quad takes off properly.


APM 1.4 with latest ArduCopter code. Uploaded via Mission Planner.

Did frame set to X mode

IMU Shield is included with APM 1.4 Mega

Frame is made from Balsa Wood.


ESC: DualSky ESC 25A

Motors: DualSky 980KV (XM2830CA-12)

Battery: 3000mah 11.1V 30C


Entire quad weight: 910 grams

When it takes off the ground it simply wants to go to a side, it leans to a side. Side is usually unique. But sometimes I feel it's changed.

I tried different PID values, but I didn't noticed changes.

What you experts suggest? Do you think it's PID problem? Frame should be OK. Because I also tried same battery, esc, motor, etc. on XAirCraft frame, no change.

I want to see expert comments on this issue.


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Any ideas?

Sorry to go back to the basics, but have you read / tried these?


It is center, no worries about that. Did a cable test and it was center. I've not tried auto-trim mode. It requires a big windless location which I don't know. Is ıt really required and do you think it will solve entire problem?


Mark, you have been busy on this forum!

So can you keep it leveled by stick input? If it leans left, does right stick input correct it? If the quad is not leveled properly it will lean of course. At times when I could not get auto trim to work I simply used a level on the center plate when I had the quad on the bench. Get the center plate very level and then do a level calibration at this point. This will at least be a starting point to know if it is just a leveling issue.

I already did leveling via APM Mission Planner, even after leveling it leans. I already leveled IMU (gyro) etc. and leveling in the menu which is in same page you set X or + mode. I did that.

What do you think now?


Can you briefly answer these questions:

Stab P -

Rate P -

Flying in Stable Mode only?

Using Simple?

So are you saying the direction of lean on each take-off is different each time?

Does quad hold angle well if you take off in Manual mode or does it loose control?

Loosing Stability can be from too much vibration, is there any "shake" you can feel when handheld?

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