I was wondering if it is possible to have the onboard lights  behavior copied to some led’s connected somewhere in available outputs , for tows ho have a closed body’s for they cuadcopters .

And where are the navigational lights connected in the current release ( witch port or output pins ) ?, I know this is a momentarily fix and well be moved in the future .


--------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT -------------------------------------------------------------------

I have found the code for the onbord leds in the Arducopter_alpha_RC1 file

  pinMode(LED_Yellow,OUTPUT); //Yellow LED A  (PC1)
  pinMode(LED_Red,OUTPUT);    //Red LED B     (PC2)
  pinMode(LED_Green,OUTPUT);  //Green LED C   (PC0)

I want to use the behavior from Leds A and C

Witch are for GPS fix and OK BOOT .


Dose somebody know how can i tweak this code to use with 2 led’s connected somewhere in the available  ports on the APM ?


My knowledge in to C++ is 0 so i want to start with this and hopefully learn something :) , my programming lang is PHP so I don’t think it`s going to be that hard .

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yes you can copy these leds to externel ones
navigation lights are currently connected to OUT4-7
I think you mean the LEDs on the ArduPilot Mega, right (Like PPM, MUX, pwr. etc.)? Not the navigation lights. I took a skim through the APM code and couldn't see any ref.. I assume you'll need to look in the PPM encoder firmware for this...
Yes John
I was thinking of the onboard lights from the ArduPilot Mega, but to the navigation lights to .
Ok , if it is possible I well dig a bit more in to this and see if I’m capable to make this changes.
Don't use OUT4-7 for controlling LED's. You will get conflicts with camera and future ESC expansions. I was using those OUT4-7 to run motormount LED's on ArduCopter frame but now even those are moved out.

You can use AN4-15. Ok motormount LEDs are now on AN8,10,12,14 pins but there are still many pins left.

Here is listed usable pins on IMU board:

How can I control the relay with my tx?
look into the programm code
it is very easy to add a control

Is there a wiring diagram and a list of any code changes that would show how to set the LED's up like the one you show in your video.
Easiest way to do it for now is just to connect LED's on OUT4-7 and then activate those from current code (even tho I said not to). Ok if you use these, you will loose extra ESC and camera control.

In close future there will be another set of led control locations. Will move them to AN8,10,12,14 PINs which are located at edge of the board where AN0-15 are located. 8-12 are 4 top/right pins on AN area. I just have not connected my leds on those pins, will do that during this week.

Software already supports these pins too. If you can wait few days, then start using those AN8-14 pins now and wait untill software has full support for them.

There are new programmable pattern system coming too.

Do you drive those motor LEDs directly from the pins ?  I assume if I install led strips on arms for example to facilitate "night flying" or nice looks these need more current that the poor TTL lines will support so I would need a buffer in that case. Like those DIL darlington array driver chips that can pull the LiPo voltage via LEDs to ground.  I was thinking also of accomplishing a flashing battery alarm indication on such a LED strip to get a clear indication when it´s time for landing. That on board relay look useful also.

Jani, how do you do your motor mount lights? I'm really needing to do something to help visually see the orientation. I was thinking strip LED lights but do you find motor mount lights easier to see the orientation in day and night?

jani just put one single LED into every motor mount, directly connected to (RC-) OUT4-OUT7 (+ is the topmost pin and - is the lowermost pin)


PS: just read his post above ;)

Yes I see that but he says they are moving to a new location in a few days which was a few weeks ago. Just don't want to add them to the wrong place. Do I need to use resisters on the LEDs? What's the max intensity I can use? Square or round fits better and are those kidney shaped black things to hold the LEDs? A closeup picture of how they are mounted would be very helpful!

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