I was wondering if it is possible to have the onboard lights  behavior copied to some led’s connected somewhere in available outputs , for tows ho have a closed body’s for they cuadcopters .

And where are the navigational lights connected in the current release ( witch port or output pins ) ?, I know this is a momentarily fix and well be moved in the future .


--------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT -------------------------------------------------------------------

I have found the code for the onbord leds in the Arducopter_alpha_RC1 file

  pinMode(LED_Yellow,OUTPUT); //Yellow LED A  (PC1)
  pinMode(LED_Red,OUTPUT);    //Red LED B     (PC2)
  pinMode(LED_Green,OUTPUT);  //Green LED C   (PC0)

I want to use the behavior from Leds A and C

Witch are for GPS fix and OK BOOT .


Dose somebody know how can i tweak this code to use with 2 led’s connected somewhere in the available  ports on the APM ?


My knowledge in to C++ is 0 so i want to start with this and hopefully learn something :) , my programming lang is PHP so I don’t think it`s going to be that hard .

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There are only two ways to connect them, either OUT4-7 or AN8,10,12,14 pins. Future software will start using AN8,10,12,14 as stated earlier.


OUT4-7 can be used without resistors due they have resistor already but as also stated earlier, these will be moved out because we need to have OUT4-7 for hexa copter/camera use. If you only plan to fly quadcopter, you can use them as long as software supports it.


5mm round LED fits best on those motor mount holes. Put that small LED cover on top of them to hold your LED.


What is the highest intensity LED I can use without harm to the circuit?
Jani I sent you an email about needing some blades urgent. I went through all but one of the ones you sent because of the lose motor connections. Are you shipping through the holidays?
the current is limitied by the inbuild resistors (like jani sayd before), so you don't need to worry about harming the circuit
I will connect to OUT4-7 for now but wanted to be clear of where to connect. Is the connection to the OUTPUT 4-0 on the 3 row connector of the APM?

I marked them in the drawing attached. Connect to which pins of the 3 row connector?
Well not finding a way to attach jpg but I'm referring to the triple row of pins on the APM 4-7. I'm sure that is where they should go but to exactly which pins? + of LED on middle pin and - of LED on top pin?

read what I said a page before

yes the 3pin row on the back

I missed that (o_O)

>>jani just put one single LED into every motor mount, directly connected to (RC-) OUT4-OUT7 (+ is the topmost pin and - is the lowermost pin)

So I just connect + of the LED to middle pin and - to lower pin but what about the white light that flashes indicating stable or acro mode?


+ is TOPMOST pin, not the middle

(is it that unclear?)

Thanks Sebastian! Some details of your post got lost in the holiday punch and anxiousness to do my first night flight ;)

I was confused because the center pin is + also right? 5+ coming from my BEC is going there. I tried the LED there and of course was nice a bright but is also working on the top pin, though not as bring. I will need to get some stronger LED's because the ones I have I'm sure will not be that visible at night.

Do I have to change something in the software to map the action of the green light (armed, stable, acro) to one of these output pins so the white LED blinks like in Jani's video?

F11 Music, Yes bottom goes -, upper goes + of the LED. Upper line is signal line coming from CPU.


You need to activate #define IsAM line on main ArducopterNG.pde file and also check that correct pins are defined in ArduUser.h file.


(F11 yes we are doing shipping between monday-wednesday, after thu factory/shipping area will be closed and opened again on 3rd of Jan. Normally emails sent to store are only answered during business days. And this is not correct area to ask about those due questions will get lost in here)

Jani, I just resent the message. I sent it to your jphelirc address so maybe it got missed. I sent now also to store@fahpah.com. I hope you can ship out this week. I would like it shipped directly to Brazil.

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